Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Visit to Lincoln's Beard Brewing

Last weekend, my wife and I did a mini brewery tour in Miami. We started at Lincoln's Beard Brewing in Coral Gables. I noticed on their website before leaving home that they have a parking problem. You can use a card system and double park in front if you can (and if you want), but definitely don't park in the diagramed red areas by the neighbors they "love." I took no chances and parked by the art wall and walked!

The brewery was nicely decorated, spacious, fun art, and plenty of beer. There were 5 of their beers available and 10 guest taps as well. Even though there were no official flights, we started by ordering all 5 of their beers in 5 ounce pours to create a flight anyway.

My wife's favorites were Avenge Me Irish Red and Lincoln's Best Sparkling (Cream) Ale. For me, it was P. Swayze IPA all day. After our flight, we moved from the bar to one of their tables for a few glasses of our favorites and a heated game of Battleship (I won!). There were dozens of games available and tons of space to just chill.

We didn't check out the back or the food trucks since we had a dinner reservation already, but food is definitely an option. We took some pictures before leaving of course, heading to The Local Craft Food & Drink up the street. Check out Lincoln's Beard!

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Janet e Johnson said...

The vision of Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co. starts and ends with the local community. In 2014, a group of local craft beer heads endeavored to bring more locally brewed craft beer to the woefully underserved neighborhoods across Miami