Friday, July 14, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 Boneyard Beer West Coast-Style DIPA

I was really looking forward to this 2017 Beer Camp beer! For real, Sierra Nevada and Oregon's Boneyard Beer should be able to figure out a fucking awesome West Coast-Style DIPA! Am I right?

And a pounder can too! 8.3% alcohol. The story on the back lets you know to expect an "intensely hop-heavy" beer. OK, I'm in!!!

Beautiful aroma full of tropical peaches, pineapples and tangerines. Whoa! Big pine and citrus WOMP of bitterness hits your palate first! But a beautiful tropical fruity streak comes next. Peaches pineapples, orange come then fade.

That fade leads to more spicy, dank, lingering bitter flavors. Bold bitter, enough nice balance, finish to let you know this is a bitter MoFo. Excellent beer! Loved everything about it! Those fruity flavors stood out so much my wife ignored her normal bitter hate and asked if this was brewed with a lot of oranges!

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