Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Brothers Hop Centric DIPA

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing recently sent me a can of their Hop Centric DIPA. We get some of their beers here in Miami, but I haven't seen this one on the liquor store shelves. Maybe soon, as it's a seasonal.

A story on the back of the can sets your expectations. The beer is released just in time for Two Brothers Summer Festival. 9.9% alcohol. 100.1 IBU.

Lots of pine, a little citrus and a hint of spiciness in the aroma. Spicy, citrus flavors to start. Bright, sharp, hoppy flavors shine as well. Interesting and unique. There is a very distinct caramel richness adding some sweet balance.

A little alcohol heat in the chest at the finish lets you know who's boss. Terrific and different. Loved it!

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