Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Edition Hoptimum Triple IPA

I saw a few bottles of Sierra Nevada's 2017 Hoptimum Triple IPA at my local liquor store a few days ago. They were in a  6-pack holder that was stuck to the shelf, kind of ratty. Now I go to this store every week (at least) and didn't see these, so either they sold out fast or I'm missing a display somewhere in the store.

2017 Edition Hoptimum is a reformulation of a super-hoppy version distributed in previous years. PKGD 06/07/17. 9.6% alcohol. "Distinguished Yet Devilishy Hoppy"

Hoppy aroma, plenty of pine and citrus, especially orange. WOW! Great flavors! A caramel and orange marmalade sweetness opens things up, nice touch of fruitiness. But then... a bitter hoppy burst full of pine resin, citrus orange and some dankness takes over.

While this leans way bitter, there was not really an aggressive bitterness, more of developed and refined all the way around. No alcohol bite despite its strength, fine with me. Really a nice beer all around, but definitely for hop LOVERS. Awesome!

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