Monday, August 21, 2017

2nd Story Brewing Revisit

I'm sure you remember #EpicPhillyBreweryTour from 2015 right? Well, my wife and I had a few hours to kill in Philly again this year before heading to the annual Ocean City destination. Well, duh, we headed back to 2nd Story Brewing!

We actually were looking for an authentic Philly Cheesesteak nearby before they opened, and while we found a spot open for 90 years or so, we were both really disappointed with what we got. "The Works" seemed super dry, missing a lot of toppings and flavor and juiciness. And "cash only" is bullshit! That's for lazy businesses. Charge more if you're scared away by banking fees! I will send you the name/pics if you know how to reach me.

Anyway, we landed at 2nd Story to a busier scene this year (first time was a weekday, 1130 am; this was Saturday noon). But we managed seats at the bar, though frankly the rest of the place would have been just as great!

OK. It's noon. I gotta do the AC Expressway. Need to be in control (resisted the Bourbon Bar)! One flight, shared. One beer! Oh and despite being super full from dry cheesesteaks, my wife ordered a giant serving of soft pretzels with a few dipping sauces. Honestly, I wasn't hungry, but I wanted them to be more "pretzel-like" and less bready, doughy. I still shoved half in my face!

Beers: we tried a Kolsch, a Session IPA, a Wit and an IPA. My wife loved the Kolsch and Session IPA; I grabbed a full glass of the Declaration IPA, so you know where my tastes went.

Anyway, on the way out, had to ask the dude w the purple dreadlocks ponytail thingy to stop leaning on my ride. He also seemed immune to the steady rain.

Check out 2nd Street Brewing! Tell your friends. Shit, I'm surprised these guys don't give flyers out to the line waiting to see the Liberty Bell a few blocks away! Just an idea!

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