Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beer Camp 2017 Surly Brewing Ginger Lager

Sierra Nevada collaborated with Surly Brewing to create a Ginger Lager for the 2017 Beer Camp series. This is a lager brewed with ginger and cayenne and fermented on Oak. Pounder Can. 6.2% alcohol.

You know what? Sometimes I'm wrong. There, I said it. Feel better? But not with my notions on what this beer would be like. Maybe the "abrasive attitude" part of the story on the can combined with the ingredients is what set those. EXACTLY what I expected!

Grainy aroma with a LOT of ginger. Tasty lager backdrop to start with nicely sweet grain and honey and a touch of oak and even vanilla. But this beer is spicy as fuck, and I'm not even talking about the perfect addition of cayenne and its beautiful subtle heat and spicy welcomeness!

Nope. This is a ginger mess. As a reminder, I drink Ginger Ale practically every single day and LOVE it, so this isn't ginger hatred. But for real, ginger took over this beer after just a few sips. Way overdone. Had to dump most of the beer. Hated it.

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