Saturday, August 26, 2017

Goose Island Juicy Double DIPA

Bright orange beer bottle says Goose Island Juicy Double DIPA? OK, I'm in! This beer was brewed with orange juice. 8.3% alcohol. 70 IBU. PKGD 24MAY17

Very juicy aroma full of orange sweetness. Similar fruity, juicy, sweet orange flavors to start. Those flavors build then fall off a cliff into some citrus and spicy bitterness. Pretty cool--I liked that aspect.

Fruity orange then lingers into the finish. Pretty good beer, a little one-dimensional and certainly not mind blowing though it was tasty. However, I am positive this brewery could have made this beer stand out if they wanted to. Was this a "dumbed down" DIPA for more mass appeal under the influence of the real brewery owners?

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