Friday, August 25, 2017

Hop Revolver IPA: Mandarina Bavaria

I recently grabbed a mixed 12 pack of Stone IPAs. Stone Hop Revolver IPA, Mandarina Bavaria, was one of the inclusions. I hadn't seen it sold separately (or any of the other beers in this single-hop series.)

The intention of doing this series is to demonstrate just how much one hop can affect a beer. This idea isn't new, but my guess is that the IPA masters at Stone will do it best! 7.7% alcohol. Bottled on 07/13/17.

Fruity and floral aroma. Interesting and unique flavors. Tangerines and tropical mangoes come first. Floral, tangy, hint of honey and a little spiciness. While there is a nice dose of hoppy bitterness, the sweeter components definitely are not overwhelmed.

Simple yet beautiful and flavorful. I guess that means I'm a fan of this hop variety. I'll look forward to trying others in the series for comparisons and contrasts.

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