Friday, August 18, 2017

Kiko Santiago IPA

Who is Kiko Santiago? I usually ask questions like that then get a lot of  "duh" type replies. So let's see this time. Coppertail Brewing recently released Kiko Santiago IPA, their first beer in the Alpha Hunt Series.

The label art is fantastic as usual, looks like Kiko might have met his match this time! The featured hop in this beer is Mandarina Bavaria. 6.2% alcohol. Enjoy By 10/06/17

Fruity, peachy, tropical tangerines, beautiful aroma. Similar flavors, full of tropical peaches and nectarines. There is a great bitter balance that follows with some nice tanginess. Flavors are all pretty subtle and soft, working in harmony and none in your face. Perfectly matched sweet and bitter intensities, a subtle IPA.

I liked it. Different. Kiko must be a man of few words.

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