Thursday, August 24, 2017


Today I'm checking out Modern Times LomaLand. This saison comes packaged in pounder cans, with the story on the back setting your expectations of a beer that smells like "hay, pepper, and friendly sunshine." 5.5% alcohol. 30 IBU.

Aroma full of hay, yeast, pepper, crackers, a little spicy. Spicy and peppery flavors as well to start. There is a touch of honey sweetness that adds some additional character. After the initial flavors ease, you will not miss the large dose of cracker flavors and a nicely hoppy finish.

Soft on the palate, not overly spicy or overly yeasty. It is, however, very flavorful and refreshing, a great beer. One of the best saisons I've had in a while! Check it out!

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