Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kapitan's Kolsch

A few month's ago, I checked out Biscayne Bay's Kapitan's Kolsch at the brewery. They recently started bottling a few of their beers including the Kolsch, so I grabbed a bottle to have at home. The label is black and white with some gold foil lettering and features an anchor stating "Landfall 1513."

"Everyday is a voyage, the destination is up to you." 4.8% alcohol.

Lightly sweet and grainy aroma. Sweet grainy flavors met with nice, bitter nips. A little grassy with crackers and a touch of honey. Crisp and refreshing.

My local liquor store manager told me he thought the packaging looked hurried and because of that and this relatively unknown style, that there would be a few cases left when this is "out of date." I told him to let me know when it goes on sale because I'll buy it all. But go ahead, prove him wrong!

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