Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beoir Le Caife Brown Ale

I was certainly WTF with Cigar City's Beoir Le Caife Brown Ale name. Even with a nice story, I had to rely on Google to tell me this beer has an Irish name that translates Beer with Coffee. That should have definitely been part of the marketing, what the name means and how it meets up with the actual beer.

Bad Name, weird words and letter structure for Americans (in Tampa and elsewhere), no fucking way you can tell your friends about this beer! Had to refer to website for spelling a dozen times!

So this Brown Ale was brewed with lactose for some body and creaminess. And it was also brewed with coffee aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels.  6% alcohol. 18 IBU.

Sweet chocolaty aroma with lots of coffee and a whiskey hint. Rich chocolate flavors, super smooth and creamy. Definitely some Whoppers action!

Lots of coffee and roast, hints of smoke and a very subtle showing of vanilla and spicy whiskey notes. Coffee and the barrel add a few simple twists to an already delicious brown ale. I think I prefer the original. Not bad. But again, shitty name. I won't remember how to spell it in 5 minutes!

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