Sunday, October 15, 2017

Grovetoberfest 2017: Back to the Grove

Grovetoberfest 2017's theme was "Back to the Grove" after a one year exodus to Key Biscayne's Miami Marine Stadium. The organizers again planned on hosting in Peacock Park... until just 3 days before the event, when brewery and attendee demand forced them to relocate a few hundred yards up the road to Regatta Park.

As usual, I took a lot of pictures of the different beer brands attendees and vendors were sporting. Let me try to do a recap in between those pictures.

I arrived early and parked kind of far away. Maybe I just am an idiot when it comes to finding a parking garage, but I have no idea where the full amount of attendees put their cars.

The event organizers had a separate entrance for VIP, as they have for this and other beer fests in the past. However, A BIG DIFFERENCE this time, compared to say, SPRUNG! in the spring is that they checked people in while waiting in line, scanning bar codes, giving wrist bands and VIP lanyards. That got all the VIP ticket holders inside in less than 5-10 minutes (versus past experiences). And that's important since VIP paid a lot for the first exclusive hour! Nice Job!

There was definitely a lot of space, even after General Admission was let in at 4 pm. I spent the first hour outside the VIP tent, though, so I could make sure to visit all the breweries and BS with some brewery and distributor friends.

Some favorite breweries were represented. Wynwood Brewing was there but no David and no Pops! :(( Dogfish, Stone, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, Bell's. And then the locals Coppertail, Copper Point, Funky Buddha, Cigar City, LaurderAle, Florida Keys Brewing, Gravity Brewlab, J. Wakefield, Descarga, Concrete Beach.

There were definitely some new beer brands in the audience.

The homebrew area had some 1980's style video games set up in the middle, was pretty fun watching the younger guys play.

Barracuda Bar & Grill and Boxelder Craft Beer Market were awesome servers in the VIP area! The picture above, she did that work on her hand by herself! And Adam and his team from Boxelder fantastic as usual!

The live music was great. There were also cooking demos, some games, food trucks, and other vendors to visit.

Great Event! Can't wait for next year! Just a bonus... If you scroll to the bottom, you can see I put some Bell's tattoos under my eyes when I got home! My wife HATED THAT (and just an FYI, they don't come off so easily)!

I thought I was done, but the picture above reminded me I had some offensive citrus flavored malt manufactured by Pabst. I asked for the best "non-PBR" offering and that's what I was given. She was very nice so I hope she gets a better brand next year.

The Distributor told me this stands for Great Fucking Beer and that the bars and retailers love that! Green Flash doesn't make many low alcohol beers, but this was an exception.

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