Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bousa Brewing Grand Opening

Bousa Brewing had their grand opening last night in the Little River neighborhood of Miami. You know I was early! Duh! When we arrived, my wife and I were introduced to the owners and brewmaster and took a look around the place. 

Bousa has a very large brewing area, a games type area and a very comfortable and nicely-sized tasting room. In addition, they have a lot of space outside behind the brewery for hanging out or big parties like this one. Behind the brewery are railroad tracks and some pretty cool art on the walls of the buildings on the other side of the tracks.

We tried a few beers, mingled with the crowd and had an enjoyable experience. We tasted their Tripel, Citrus Belgian and Passionfruit Wheat beers. All were excellent, but my wife and I agreed that the Citrus Belgian was the most refreshing and tastiest of the three. 

I couldn't convince my wife to play ping-pong (if you wear high heels to a brewery opening, that's your problem!) So instead we just chilled out to the live music and drank some more beer. We were dancing in the dark, walking through the park and reminiscing! Great first impression! Check out their #SimplyGoodBeer

Bousa Brewing can be found at 7235 NE 4th Avenue, Miami, FL 33138. Follow the giant neon Bousa sign and arrow! Enjoy some additional pictures below. 

That blue neon sign says Simply Good Beer. 

If you zoom in, you can read the beer list

Me with Co-Founder Juan Pablo Vergara

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