Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

All of you have seen Bud's TV push on their Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager on commercials. It should be awesome, right? They rolled out their old label and bottle and some stuff about repealing prohibition, but this is just Bud right?

Nope. This is Bud 6.1% which I tasted out of my "Bud Product Pint Glass." Grainy, caramel, toasty aroma. The flavors are similar, full of sweet grain, caramel, some nuttiness. Herbal with a hint of alcohol.

Screams MACRO! Off-putting sweetness and generally corny flavors, metallic finish, bad aftertaste.

Sorry I was hoping for better but was screwed!

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