Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bushka Stout

Today I'm checking out Hollywood Brewing's Bushka Stout. Yes, Hollywood, FLORIDA, duh! This comes in a pounder can, nicely decorated with one of those Russian dolls. I checked the internets and best I can do with Bushka is "cute face," which makes sense. Urban dictionary has a few more takes, LOL.

"Brewed locally near the ocean, sand and seashells of the Sunshine State." 9.4% alcohol #HollywoodBeer

Light chocolate aroma, not that big. Flavors are a little fuller, rich chocolate and cocoa, caramel, some Publix cola and hints of dark fruit. There is a little spicy character. I convinced myself it has a cinnamon quality though I don't think that's an ingredient.

A little roasty, tiny char, noticeable alcohol, some kick. Was an OK beer! Check it out on the Hollywood Broadwalk!

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