Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Liquid Truth Serum IPA

"You Can Handle the Truth!" Well at least Dogfish Head thinks you guys can with their Liquid Truth Serum IPA. The label was done by artist Marq Spusta as part of the brewery's Off-Centered Art Series. And yeah, I have asked Dogfish for some unused labels to have Marq sign for another cool contest!

The art depicts some magic show or circus featuring dancing hops. 6.8% alcohol. Bottled On 09/27/17. "Truthfully Hoppy Without Being Deceptively Bitter."

Fruity aroma, very tame yet pleasant, citrus with maybe a hint of peach. Fruity flavors too, a little orange and citrus to start. A touch of pine, a little spicy, floral too.

Not overly bitter, a very balanced IPA. Dry with some light astringency at the finish. A little boring, mostly muted flavors. I prefer a bold stand in one category at least with an IPA: fruity, hoppy, bitter, some platform that takes a stand!

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