Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Yard House Sawgrass Mills Grand Opening

After a series of week-long special event parties, Yard House opened its Sawgrass Mills location to the public last Saturday 12/9 at 8pm! I was fortunate enough to be invited to check out the new place in the last party before that happened.

I was expecting a smallish gathering, and while my perfect record of on-time attendance showed that might be the case, it was clear later on this was a big gathering. I didn't know anyone but the staff made me feel like I was friends with everyone!

A few beers, passed hors d'oeuvres (the wings were the best of the night, juicy and spicy) to check out a lot of what Yard House offers, super friendly and knowledgeable staff, what more could I ask for? Except more beers?!?

Now... I've tried almost every beer on the menu, but there were some I was aiming for. And the Yard House staff had no problem offering little tastes to see if you wanted to go "all-in" on a particular beer. Funniest moment: bartender can't find Bud Light tap and manager can't either (for whatever poor sap was asking for that crap)!!!

The first thing I asked for was a taste of their Anniversary Tripel, brewed in Belgium with Brasserie de Silly, then aged in cognac barrels. Yeah, right? Duh! I took a sip then immediately ordered a full glass! Sweet but super awesome!

Besides that, I am in love with Civil Society's Fresh IPA. My wife was like "I've never tasted a beer that I think is more your style." We bonded after that perfection. I almost proposed all over again!

One Green Flash beer was kicked from the prior parties, a few beers on the menu still didn't arrive since Keg Day, but Yard House is a sweet addition to the brutality which is Sawgrass Mills shopping. Wives should drop their husbands off here, with gift card in hand, of course!

One last comment: this was the best service I have ever received at any bar ever! I've been to some really awesome events, private at The Biltmore, etc., and damn these guys and gals crushed that aspect. If they keep that up, everyone will always stop by! The end.

Crusted Salmon, might have been second favorite

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