Monday, January 1, 2018

Oak-Aged Siracusa Nera

Happy New Year! Today I'm checking out Dogfish Head's Oak-Aged Siracusa Nera. Siracusa Nera is a Russian Imperial Stout with Syrah Grape must added then aged in American Oak. 10% alcohol. 60 IBU. Bottled On 10/11/17

Rich chocolate and caramel aroma with some roast. The same chocolate and caramel flavors come first, but there is a distinct streak of acidic grape flavor, adding some wine-like character.

Some prune and cherry flavors show in the background along with more roasted malt. A little boozy, didn't really find any oak. That grapey flavor really tames the richness of the beer, while also lingering into the finish.

Interesting. I liked it. Very complex though I was happy there wasn't so much going on to just be a mess of flavors. Check it out!

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