Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kold Schauer

Today I'm checking out Kold Schauer, a Kolsch-style beer brewed by Sixpoint Brewery. The tall can doesn't tell the full story about the special Huell Melon Hops they brew the beer with, so be sure to click that link. But the can does tell me to expect "an icy cold torrent of pure suds." 4.9% alcohol. 23 IBU. "ALWAYS SCHAUER WITH A FRIEND."

Grainy aroma, some honey and nondescript fruitiness. Fruity flavors come first, with honeydew melon flavors leading the way, very noticeable. Grainy, a little spicy, sourdough bread and crackers.

There is a sharp little prickly thing going on too, hitting the palate over and over. Background sweet balance. Was a decent beer, not sure about the "icy cold torrent."

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