Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dragons & YumYums

Dogfish Head's Dragons & YumYums is up for today. This beer is a "Vinyl Collaboration" with The Flaming Lips, and its label features the art of Marc Spusta as part of the brewery's off-centered art series.

This pale ale is brewed with dragonfruit, yumberry, passion fruit, pear and black carrot juices. I'm pretty sure Dogfish made a few of those up, LOL! Those ingredients inspired the band to write an original theme song for this beer! 6.5% alcohol.

Pinkish, orange, rose color. Very fruity aroma full of passion fruit, sweet juicy. The flavors also start very fruity and tangy, but it's very difficult to put a finger on any ingredient. Fruity madness going in every direction!

There is a tea-like herbal flavor in the background. Nicely bitter and a little spicy at the finish. I'm not sure all those fruity flavors go together in harmony, but this is certainly interesting. It took the whole bottle, and I'm still not sure I have it figured out!

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