Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout

"Don't say we didn't warn you, Comrade!" is how Stone introduces their Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout on the website. I prefer the bottle copy story titled "Bespoke Totalitarianism for the Proletariat Diaspora" which is classic Stone marketing department. "You'll struggle for headway against the dark beast in your hand, one freedom fighting sip at a time." 10.6% alcohol. 70 IBU.

Blacker than black color. Chocolaty aroma, not that totalitarian. Flavors are much bigger and diverse, starting with some chocolate, cocoa and dark cherries. An excellent roasty flavor accompanied by some smoke and even a hint of char follows.

Light coffee, maybe a hint of licorice. The alcohol really brings out that streak of tart cherries. Very nice beer, though I would have preferred just a small sweet olive branch from the beast!

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