Friday, May 4, 2018

Two Tickets

Here's a great story on how Facebook is a force for good! You can read David Minsky's work here about how Gravity Brewlab's (collaboration with Evil Twin) Two Tickets Grand Cru was born while I'll just give the CliffsNotes (if you don't know what that is, Google it!)

The story is on the pounder can too. Basically, Evil Twin's Jeppe needed a pair of Radiohead tickets and one of Gravity's friends had them. Those tickets became the name of the beer and the reason the two breweries connected and collaborated on this beer. Peruvian influences in this beer include a fruit called lucuma and coffee. 11% alcohol.

Great aroma full of sugar and candy and caramel and coffee and plums with a slightly fruity background. Effervescent. Nice tartness, nice fruity carriage for the rest of the flavors.

Candy, caramel, rich and full of dart fruit. After a while, you'll figure out what the lucuma smells and tastes like, very distinct. Coffee is there but not too pronounced, a nuance at best. Yum!

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