Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mixed Media Vino-esque Ale

Dogfish Head recently released another beer brewed with grape must called Mixed Media Vino-esque Ale. I didn't know before tasting, but they let you know on their site that this is barely a beer by law, drawing fermentable sugars from 51% grain, 49% grapes. 7.5% alcohol. 15 IBU.

Winey, grapey, acidic aroma. OMG I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! Tastes like a weird glass of wine. Big grapes, acidic and sharp. Lightly fruity underneath, soft orange and melon. Tart, lightly dry, hint of alcohol.

The end! Super one-sided and doesn't say beer in any way. And my guess is that wine drinkers would say this doesn't taste like wine, just a weird hybrid. I totally disagree with Sam's assertion that wine and beer worlds "collide quite nicely," at least not in this beer. Pass! Yeah, for sure Pass!

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