Monday, July 23, 2018

Barrel Runner 2018

Founders Brewing recently sent Barrel Runner to the Miami market. Part of their Barrel Aged Series, this is a Mosaic-hopped Imperial IPA aged in rum barrels. 2018 Release. 11.1% alcohol. 55 IBU

Holy Butterscotch, Batman! Huge aroma, full of rum, some generic fruitiness, lightly hoppy. You can really taste the rum from the start too, sweet and very rich, lots of butterscotch.

But after a few sips, sweet does collide with some hoppy flavors. Some citrus, light spiciness and hints of pine do show. The alcohol is noticeable, not hot but a little annoying after a while.

Big body. Bold flavors. Very interesting. The story on the back says this beer will make me believe I'm in the tropics. That wasn't necessarily the case; I was already believing that with the miserable weather here in Miami!

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