Monday, July 16, 2018

Hi-Lo-Peno Pale Ale

"The Tacos of Beer?" Sign me up! Pair O' Dice Hi-Lo-Peno Pale Ale cans recently showed up in my local Miami liquor store. This is a pale ale brewed with jalapenos and limes, but no meat (the story assures you)! 5.5% alcohol.

Not much of an aroma, had to work for hints of both lime and jalapeno. Starts like a simple pale ale, lightly bitter. Then some lime starts to show, zesty, citrus. Then some jalapeno in the finish.

Next sip, lime starts to jump to the forefront. A few sips later, the lime builds and becomes a dominant flavor, just overwhelms everything else. The jalapeno flavor remains a constant, lightly "peppery" and "gardenish" but never spicy or hot.

Lime, jalapeno, burp, repeat. Get it?

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