Sunday, July 22, 2018

La Playita Hop-Accented Pils

Local Miami Brewery The Tank recently started distributing a few of their beers locally. Freedom Tower Amber is packaged in puzzling 11.2 oz bottles while La Playita Hop-Accented Pils comes in 12 oz cans. Both were priced around $12 for a sixer, so they better be stud beers for super-local, low alcohol beers.

I grabbed La Playita first. Very nice can art depicting the beach and hotels that line it. "Brewed for the Beach!" says a tagline on the can. A little story on the back of the can sets your expectations. Put your phone in rotate lock or turn your head and you can read that below. 5.1% alcohol. Canned 05/30/2018 Drink 07/22/2018 (which was within one week of the first day it hit the shelves at Total Wine.)

Faint aroma, lightly lemony, hoppy and floral. Nice flavors, fruity apple and light sweet graininess meet some floral hoppy bitterness.

Super balanced! Not sure I'd call this a "Hop-Accented Pils." I mean, of course there are hops in this beer, but to offer that extra description should mean a much more pronounced hops character. And honestly that is what I wanted more of: a spicy bitter bite. That said, La Playita is simple, refreshing and flavorful.

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