Sunday, August 26, 2018

Saison Rose

Of course I'm going to check out Ommegang's Saison Rose, a new beer from an awesome brewery, despite its $6 price tag for one 12 ounce bottle. This beer is a blend of an oak aged beer and one brewed with hibiscus flowers and chardonnay grape juice. 7.7% alcohol.

Soft, fruity and floral aroma with a touch of wine character. Fruity and floral flavors dominate the start with tons of hibiscus. The Oak flavors are also immediately noticeable.

Tart, dry, yeasty with some hay flavors, light tannins. Grape flavors come through in the finish. For sure interesting, and while the flowers and grapes do dance, the hibiscus takes over in a negative way. Pass, especially for the price.

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