Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bou Lou

Today I'm checking out Bou Lou, Boulevard's collaboration beer with Tech N9ne and Strange Music. It seems this collaboration is about two Kansas City institutions that got started at roughly the same time decided to make a beer together. Pounder can art is cool. 5.5% alcohol. 10 IBU.

Bou Lou is a wheat beer with pineapple and coconut added. Light pineapple aroma. So creamy! Tangy with a whipped pineapple smoothie feel to start. And the coconut complements that perfectly.

Nice texture, leans to the sweet side and that kind of gets to you after a while. I didn't need 16 oz and probably should have shared. Ripe pineapple and coconut totally match up, and the wheat base was a nice base beer for them. Check it out!

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