Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Pernicious India Pale Ale

So Asheville's Wicked Weed Brewing recently started sending some beers to South Florida. Problem is most of them are little wine bottles of sours in the $9 to $17 price range. That's not happening! So I grabbed a can of the one oddball selection Pernicious India Pale Ale.

This beer won Silver at GABF a few years ago. There's a little story to set your expectations. Nice can artwork! PKG 020619 Drink 022319 7.3% alcohol. Gotta get my ass to Asheville!

Nice citrus aroma, tangy orange and a hint of tropical fruits. Bright, sharp tangerine flavors come first. Tangy. Nicely bitter, full of juicy citrus. Like the aroma, hints of tropical mango come through.

A little spicy, peppery, definitely taking a swing at your palate. Very flavorful. Nice beer!

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