Monday, April 29, 2019

Delirium Red

Pounder Plus (16.9 oz can) of Huyghe's Delirium Red? Absolutely! This is a Belgian Ale brewed with Cherry and Elderberry. 8% alcohol. Was like $6 for the can too, so not cheap but in line with other Belgian ales of similar style, alcohol content, quality.

Way darker color than I was expecting, and the beer appeared a bit thick in texture. Very nice cherry aroma, full of excellent Belgian cherries, both sweet and tart.

Money! Rich, sweet and tart. TONS of cherries, hints of Belgian yeast. A nice alcohol streak really makes the cherries pop! Spicy bite will bite you! Excellent VERY COLD as suggested! Drink that way as some overly sweet flavors show with more warmth. A+ beer!

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