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If you are under 21 years old, leave this website now and don't come back until that day!

Beer Drinker Rob is my alias for this blog. Of course I have a real name. A first, middle and last name. And a suffix too! Since we're just getting to know one another, you should probably get used to my expectation of having smart readers. Also, just so it's clear from the beginning, I'm going to curse, so if you don't like that, either figure out how to deal with it or leave. However, as Eddie Murphy stated so eloquently in Raw (go to 4:07 if in a hurry), I can't just go out and give a curse show, so expect some real content mixed in. "Hey, Felt Forum. Motherfucker, dick, pussy, snot and shit. Good night. Good night. Suck my dick. Bye-bye."

"But why would you ever need to curse on a beer review site?" Excellent question! Now you're getting where this "smart reader" thing is going.

The answer is that despite this website's name, it is actually more of a sarcastic storytelling site. Of course, you should always have the expectation that I will review a beer, but make no mistake on where my focus will be. In addition, for years, I did the "Daily" part of the site's name. You'll get over it that it's now more of an every-other-day type gig now, won't you?

"So you're just gonna crack a few dirty jokes and swear while you're doing it?" No, dude. I am going to write about every topic that I come across that interests me: My kids, My family, Shitty Florida, Customer Service, Poor Grammar, the Phillies and other Philly sports teams, and the list goes on forever. My goal is to entertain you while having a good time myself. Hopefully you will identify and smile with my experiences or curse me out for dissing the President. Hopefully you will come to respect my beer reviews and use them to help you decide what to drink. And if you either are not a beer drinker at all or just drink the shit that Bud pumps out, I am positive I will open your eyes to this wonderful product in a non-snobby and non-pretentious way.

What makes me qualified to have this blog and more importantly tell you what beers to buy and which to skip? "I went to Cornell", of course! "Ever heard of it?" Seriously, I did graduate from Cornell back in the mid 90's with a degree in chemistry (which is another topic I've been known to write about). I blame my many hours of organic chem lab time during and after college as the reason I'm not really interested in home brewing. Wait, let me clarify. I am interested in drinking your home brew, just not doing the brewing myself. "But you've at least worked at a brewery? That's why I should listen, right?" Nope. Strike Two! Basically before you idiots strike out, all that I have in the way of beer authority is a long history with the beverage, both before and after the start of this website. And I didn't even write this "About" page until after I had written over 700 posts and reviews here. I'm proud to say that I've learned a lot and have come a long way.

And after all of that... What About Beer Drinker Rob? I'm from a rinky-dink town in Central Pennsylvania. I always played and enjoyed watching all sports. I also was a pretty good student, which facilitated my attendance at Cornell University, where I spent four long and crappy years. After graduation, I moved to the New York City suburbs where I lived for 8 years. At one point in the late 1990's I got reacquainted with and eventually married to a girl that was a Foreign Exchange student in my High School seven years earlier.

Then 9-11 happened. I was working in Times Square at the time. Someday, I'll add more details to that experience. The next year, we moved to suck-ass Florida, where I've managed to keep the same job as Sales Icon for the same company since moving here. Love that job! I started this blog in November, 2008. Read the earlier posts and you'll see how much I've learned. I have two great kids. While writing this, I noticed that my old profile mistakenly said that I love the beach which wasn't even true when I wrote it a few years ago. I want out of Florida! Want to trade?

There are thousands of pictures on this blog that belong to me. If you want to use them somewhere else, ask me. Do Not just post them thinking it's OK. IT'S NOT! Call it a copyright or whatever the legal terms may be--basically that's stealing and I do regularly check.

One last comment. If you're under 21, go find another blog and come back when you are. I don't make the laws but I sure as hell don't want to help you break them. When you're 21, let me know and I'll give you a shout out!

Affiliations and Disclosures

What are my affiliations with breweries and people in the industry? What stuff do I get for free (besides a gruff hello from my local Total Wine Manager)?

First, I'm affiliated with Google, but just like every other Blogging Joe that uses Blogger and Adsense and Picasa picture albums. Google decides relevance for their ads. If you're interested, click them. If not, don't. I do want to be the next Google Adsense Millionaire, but I would prefer you refer ten of your friends to the site.

Next, I am an Amazon Affiliate as well. For some of my blog posts, I mention a few things from Amazon that are related in some way to my story or the beer or brands I mentioned. I am not necessarily endorsing those items nor have I used many of them. But I'm also not burying the links or disguising them in any way to try to trick anyone. Click if they interest you. Don't otherwise. I will say that my personal experience with Amazon has always been terrific: quality, price, return policy, and the fact that they sell practically everything (beer being one exception).

If you really want to help me out, you can use my links when shopping at Amazon. Everyone shops Amazon, right? Starting with that link will not affect your shopping experience in any way or cost you anything. It will take you to some beer glasses that I actually own (except for the ones I broke). You don't need to buy those glasses, though. I am given credit and small percentage of anything you buy when you start with my link. Thanks in advance for bookmarking that!

There are a few other ads floating around the site as well. I think the main ones might be "Beer of the Month" clubs and "Stop Smoking" product ads. When I first started this website, I also was very interested in learning about Affiliate Marketing. I used this platform to experiment while taking Shoemoney's Affiliate Marketing course. I signed up for an account with Commission Junction and got started. I did learn a ton, but finding completely relevant ads was difficult (stupid beer laws). So I played more on my sarcastic and joking side and had all kinds of crazy ads. Anyway, a few are still hanging around. Again, I learned a ton, but I haven't used several of the products and therefore don't endorse them.

There is one other affiliation you may get wrong, so let me clarify. After reading for a while, you might think I have some coaching or front-office role with the Phillies. I actually don't work for them and never have. I'm just a fan. A great fan!

As for giveaways, yes, I've been given some beers by breweries and the PR firms that represent them. Not as often as you think, though. I actually prefer to purchase my own and rarely ask for anything. But sometimes for those beers not distributed locally it's impossible otherwise. You can expect to see it blatantly stated in the review if the beer was given to me. I've also been given other things in exchange for a shout out, which you will also know when reading about them: games, books, bottle openers, etc.

One real GIFT I received was a Marq Spusta Aprihop print from the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. I did have a retail issue with them but I asked for the moon even after my issue was resolved. I actually wanted to buy the print, but since they already sold all they were allowed, they offered me an artist proof they still had. Oh, and Sam's book came with it no charge as well. I wrote about it already but thought I'd tell you here too. These stories, I run to them, not from them. They are what make things interesting.

Any other questions, let me know.