Other Writings & Ramblings

If you've been a fan (or hater) long enough, you're probably tired of hearing me ask if anyone would like to do a guest post on DailyBeerReview.com. Well, just so you know, it's not always me taking without giving back. I've done my share of guest posts! Granted, many are off the topic of beer, but it's still the same old me. And I promise to spare you the scientific research publications I've contributed to, as those are really out in left field.

Where have I written other articles or done guest posts? Here are the topics and locations: beer food, liquor, etc.

Since early 2013, I've been a contributor to the Total Wine & More blog. I have been compensated for this, but since it's journalism (unlike what you sometimes find here), you will find well-researched, quality articles and interviews with industry leaders.

In 2012, I started a Fine Spirits website: DistilledReflections.com. I hope you'll take the time to check it out and subscribe to new content!

SoulOfMiami.org: My articles for this site

UnderTheTuscanGun.com: My articles for this site
Big Ass Ham: CookingForAssholes

Banana Bread: CookingForAssholes

Captain Lawrence St. Vincent's Dubbel: 100Beers30Days

Christmas Pork Roast: Potables and Edibles

Grand Marnier: PourMeAnother.net

Don Sergio Blanco Tequila: PourMeAnother.net

Avery The Maharaja Imperial IPA: Mug Of Saint Arnold

Weyerbacher Old Heathen: CheaperThanTherapy.me

New Belgium Lips Of Faith Transatlantique Kriek: DosBeerigos.com

Didn't you say one time you had other blogs or websites?

Why yes, yes I did. Thanks for paying attention. You might be surprised and shocked that I have other interests besides beer. In fact, the stories I often tell on Daily Beer Review that have nothing to do with beer have inspired me to start a few other blogs to share knowledge while I myself am learning new things. Here are a few of the less-neglected ones, though there are many others on which I hope to deliver quality content eventually.

City Of Miramar, Florida: This is a blog about the city where I live. I have severely toned down the sarcasm you are used to here on DBR while not losing the personality on this informational site. I have tried to provide information that will last and be useful for a long time while avoiding all but only the most important events. There are plenty of facts that are decorated heavily with my opinion. The smart residents and visitors of my city can separate the two.

City Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Though never being a resident, I've spent my share of time in Philadelphia and have many relatives that do live there or in the surrounding suburbs. In addition, I'm pretty much the number one fan of the Phillies, Flyers and Eagles. So there you have it. Again, my goal is to try and provide useful and entertaining or interesting, unique content about the city I wish I lived in.

Grammar Prude: I'm not a perfect writer, but I certainly use above-average grammar. What bothers me, though, is when people use far-below-average grammar and make mistakes that are so grave that Elvis turns over in his grave. Sarcasm is a welcome member of this blog!