Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lucky Lucy Strawberry Blonde

Pair O' Dice's Lucky Lucy Strawberry Blonde recently hit the shelves of my Miami liquor store. The brewery is OK with you calling this a "girly" beer but then clarifies why that is the case on the can's label. This is an award-winning beer! 5.5% alcohol.

Kind of cloudy with a faint red hue. Nice pleasant aroma, soft strawberry. Terrific strawberry flavors show immediately, a little tangy and tart, not overdone. Some malty sweet balance comes next. Some light bitterness and more strawberry take you into the finish and beyond. Super flavorful, loved it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Times 2017 Brew At The Zoo: Zoo Miami

Lions and Tigers and Beers! Oh My! Lions and Tigers and Beers! Oh My! Lions and Tigers and Beers! Oh My! Lions and Tigers and Beers! Oh My! Yeah, I know I'm not the first person to think of that, so don't bother mentioning.

But for real, New Times is hosting their 8th Annual Brew At The Zoo on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Zoo Miami. And besides beers, I'm hoping to ride giraffes and pet baby lions (this is just a joke)! There will be live music and food and a lot of fun too!

Right now through 4/30/2017 at 11 PM you can get 2-FOR-1 General Admission Tickets using Promo Code BATZPROMO. Check out the site for tickets and for sure check out the beers that Laine Doss says you're going to be tasting! (She's my favorite!)

Sneak Attack Saison

21st Amendment brewed a saison as a winter seasonal. That's the "sneak attack" in Sneak Attack Saison, a farmhouse ale brewed with cardamom. The artwork on the can is supposed to remind you of the famous Washington surprise attack, crossing the icy Delaware River. The group of under-dressed yahoos drinking beer aboard the Endless Soma, however, I don't believe have a chance! 6.2% alcohol. 38 IBU.

Lightly fruity, yeasty and spicy aroma. Light fruity flavors too, soft peaches and oranges. There is an interesting and very distinct spiciness that persists, which suppose is the cardamom.

Yeasty, farmhouse hay. Some light bitterness at the finish. Very dry at the finish as well. All in balance, not bad. Wanted a little more bite from some aspect.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hotbox Coffee IPA

Today I'm trying Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee IPA, named for and brewed with coffee from Hotbox Roasters. Sounds like an interesting idea! The can gives you a few things to think about... WAKE 'N ROAST. TURN YOUR HEAD & COFFEE. 7.2% alcohol. 70 IBU.

Not sure why, but I was expecting a darker-colored beer. Don't get me wrong, the rich orange beer looked terrific. Super-fruity tropical orange and tangerine aroma with some underlying coffee playing second fiddle.

Flavors are similar. Super juicy, tropical orange. Nice sweet and bitter back and forth.  Nice tanginess. The coffee flavors show middle and into the finish with a little roast and hint of cocoa.

The coffee aspect is more of an interesting nuance or twist. I was scared based on the name it would be overdone but in fact just the opposite is what I found. Using "Coffee" as part of the name is a bit of a lie. And yet, despite being only a nuance, I found myself wanting just the base IPA. Check it out!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Avatar Jasmine IPA

Elysian Brewing's Avatar Jasmine IPA sounds pretty interesting. The bomber bottle has some nice illustrations of the Jasmine flowers and describes this beer as "East meets West Coast with a unique floral aroma and a smooth dose of hops." 6.3% alcohol. 43 IBU.

Fruity and floral aroma, though neither very big. Soft fruity peach and apple flavors come first. Next up, the Jasmine floral component. Floral and bitter pair up, each enhancing the other. Creamy texture.

The Jasmine is prominent yet not overdone. The base IPA is flavorful yet simple and a good showcase for the flowers. And yet, while interesting, adding Jasmine just wasn't my thing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cumulus Lupulus Imperial IPA

Terrapin Cumulus Lupulus Imperial IPA was recently put on the shelves of my local Miami liquor store. The label depicts a tropical island scene, with hop-cone-shaped clouds moving with the breeze. DRINK FRESH DO NOT AGE is the aerial message to beach goers, dragged behind a boat. A story on the side will set your expectations. 8.1% alcohol. 101 IBU.

Tropical fruity aroma full of mango and pineapple, a little spicy. Bursting with juicy tropical pineapple and mango fruit flavors, just WOW! Orange citrus, pine, resin, very fresh. Perfect fruity sweetness with some hoppy and spicy bitterness. Good body.

Delicious! Phillies Home Run!