Monday, July 25, 2016

Athena Berliner Weisse

My mother arrived with a sixer of Creature Comforts' Athena Berliner Weisse a few days ago. It was a gift from my sister who lives in Atlanta, close enough to their Athens, GA brewery to be in the limited distribution area. She told me she got the last sixer of the only Creature Beer left from behind the counter at the liquor store. Hmmm, doesn't look good for us Miami!

Can design is nice. It looks like Athena is approaching the brewery, designed to look like a theater that is "Playing Tonight, Lacto Bacillus!" Described on the can as "Gently Tart, Effervescent, Ambrosia."

Sharp lemon aroma, full of yeast with a lightly sweet, fruity background. Tart flavors in the beginning, not puckering. Lemony with some soft fruit in the background. A little salty perhaps. Not acidic but has some white wine character and decent bubbles.

Super refreshing. I appreciate the perfect tartness, not overdone. Simple but a winner! Pick me up another sixer on the way to Miami!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fat Tire & Friends: Fat Sour Apple Ale

Today I'm checking out the Fat Tire & Friends collaboration beer with Portland, Oregon's Hopworks Urban Brewery. HUB decided to use apples and go sour with some lactobacillus with their entry. 5.9% alcohol.

Tart apple aroma with a malty backbone. Nicely tart Granny Smith apple flavors to start. Malty, grainy, herbal sweet balance. Not sour. Definitely tastes like Fat Tire with a fun and innovative twist that adds some character.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Wolf Pup Session IPA

I was recently sent a can of Golden Road Brewing's Wolf Pup Session IPA. The brewery told me this is part of a trio of IPAs that they call "The Wolf Pack" that includes Wolf Among Weeds (8% alcohol), Wolf Mother (11.2% alcohol) and now Wolf Pup (4.5% alcohol, 50 IBU). The can has a nice Palm Tree design and "REFRESHINGLY HOPPY with a wildly aromatic citrus character" posted to the side.

Bright tangerine and citrus aroma with an awesome flowery component; sweet and tangy and definitely delivers on the "wildly aromatic" line on the can.

Similar tangerine citrus flavors to start coupled with some sharp and bitter grapefruit rind. A little spicy with a tangy finish. Big refreshment. Reminds me of All Day IPA which is a huge compliment from me.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hootie's Home Grown Ale

Hootie makes beer now? Does that mean he's moved on from country music? Thank God. I want my Rock 'N Roll Hootie back!

There's a long micro-font story on the back of the can. Hopefully when I mega-size that picture below, it'll be readable. This is a collaboration beer between Rock Brothers Brewing and Hootie, brewed by Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida. Furthermore, hops and malts also come from Cigar City and Palmetto Brewing, so it's kinda complicated. Hopefully, this isn't just a gimmick beer! The website I found for the beer warned me it was an attack website, so here is their Facebook page instead. 5.2% alcohol.

Faint fruit, malty sweet aroma. Flavors are the same, fruity with maybe a little honey sweetness. A little spicy and very boring blonde ale. My wife liked it, however she's probably a closet Hootie fan! In the end, it's on par with the super-average "Golf Beers" Brew Hub devised with some PGA pros.

Call me if you need recommendations.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Upside Down Blonde

I just grabbed a pounder can of Upside Down Blonde from Flat12 Bierworks. The label shows this beer as the Queen of Hops playing card. A little story lets you know what to expect. 4.5% alcohol. 23 IBU.

Sweet grain, honey, caramel and cracker aroma. Flavors are the same starting with some honey wheat bread and caramel. A light bitter citrus balance comes next. That's it! Clean, simple, easy drinker.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Liberty Lunch India Pale Ale

Austin's Independence Brewing recently sent me a few cans of their Liberty Lunch India Pale Ale. The beer was named for and inspired by an iconic Austin music venue that closed in 1999 and showcased tons of "before they were famous" artists including Nirvana and Ween. Here's an article republished from 1999 that shares some of the sentiments from the actual closing. Wiki is also good, just don't write your term paper citing it.

The beer is canned and available in many Texas markets. "Music Feeds The Soul" adorns the can. 5.5% alcohol.

Very nice aroma full of honey and jammy sweetness, fruity orange citrus and tropical scents. Fruity tangerine and melon flavors come first. Honey sweetness meets citrus and a hint of pine. Light spiciness, hoppy, good body. On the sweet side but very good and I liked it! Check it out if you're in Texas and if not, everyone has a friend in Texas that will grab you a can!