Grovetoberfest Miami's Beer Festival

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale

Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale? Um, that's a name to just grab off the shelf no matter what! This is one of the beers that Total Wine recently had shipped directly from Spokane, Washington's No-Li Brewhouse to (at least) their Florida stores.

Um, Mosh Pit? I used the term Slam Dancing to my boss back in 2000 and even then she laughed at me! There isn't a new term for Mosh Pit to upstage this naming? It's been a few decades! Anyway, I was asked to Slow Mosh back in the day, so check that out!

As for Mosh Pit Tart Cherry Ale: 7.5% alcohol. 15 IBU. "Keep Cool - Spokane Style." There's a little story to set your expectations too.

Reddish color. Nice "Ocean Spray" cran + juice aroma. Fruity cranberries come first, not sure about anything else. Tart and acidic. Sweet yet tangy. That's about it! Faily boring, one dimensional. Maybe a mosh pit for James Taylor but even that would be a stretch!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hash Brown

"Not Yo Mamma's Hash Browns!" This is SweetWater's Hash Brown Hop Hash Infused India Style Brown Ale. There is a little story on the side to set your expectations as well. Bottle Conditioned. 6.2% alcohol. 60 IBU. Best if enjoyed by 11/22/15.

Big head! Orange citrus meets bitter dank hoppiness. And that's just the first sip! Chocolate flavors are present but subtle at best. "Brown Ale" gets more than somewhat lost along the way. Definitely a malty backbone though, with a super creamy texture, way interesting. Check it out.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Born & Raised IPA

Total Wine recently shipped in another Brewery Direct option from a brewery we in Miami would have never likely seen otherwise. This time, No-Li Brewhouse from Spokane, Washington sent 5 or 6 different varieties to check out including Born & Raised IPA which I am checking out today.

The label depicts a bridge and clock tower with what appears to be huge lanterns (or gondola cars) above it. Perhaps this is a local landmark. The name of the beer refers to the fact that the hops and barley used to brew this beer were sourced within 300 miles of the brewery. Tag line: FIB FREE ALES (which I assume goes with the No-Li name as well). 85 IBU; 7.0% alcohol.

Pine with a light citrus aroma. Pine up front with some caramel and hint of honey sweetness to balance. Creamy texture. Citrus, perhaps light grapefruit adds more bitterness. Definitely a hit of alcohol at the also dry finish. Bitterness lingers even with a hint of mint which I didn't like that much. Not bad but pretty average and a finish that was less desirable than the rest of the beer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Arcus India Pale Ale

Last May (2014), I got my first taste of Odessa, Florida's Big Storm Brewingon an appearance on ByTheGlassShow. Big Storm recently started canning a few of their beers including this can of Arcus India Pale Ale I picked up locally in Miami yesterday.

First, the brewery wasted NO opportunity to share information with you on the can! It is packed with art, stats, slogans, food pairings and stories, mostly revolving around the hurricane theme the brewery has adopted. "100% Chance of Killer Beer!" and "Beer Flows from the Eye of the Storm" and the beer's stats listed as "Florida's Craft Beer Forecast." 6.9% alcohol. 81 IBU. Oh yeah, and this beer is brewed with Florida honey, "for a clean and balanced finish when the storm passes."

Huge head! Citrus orange sweet aroma. Big fruity orange and tangerine flavors to start. Lots of citrus, zesty, hoppy, bitterness follows, lightly astringent. Some malty sweetness comes at the finish, which I suppose is the honey. Sweet, tangy, bitter, zesty all in one. Not bad.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Upslope Pumpkin Ale

Upslope Brewing Company's Pumpkin Ale was the Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in 2011 in the Pumpkin Beer category. So this pounder can is going to be awesome, right?!? The brewery has maintained its relationship with Munson Farms since then, which provides the locally-grown baby bear pumpkins for the beer. 7.7% alcohol.

Sweet and spicy aroma. Pumpkin flavors meld with ginger and cinnamon spices right from the beginning. Soft, subtle, balanced, synergizing. And WOW, what a creamy and silky smooth texture. Malty sweet yet balanced. Extremely enjoyable and easy to see how it won that GABF medal a few years back!

I can't think of any pumpkin beer I've ever liked better than this one, either! So check this beer out for sure!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pop's Porter

I love these guys at Wynwood Brewing! Pop's Porter is now being bottled and shipped at least as far north as Broward County! I've been bumping into these guys from Wynwood all over the place over the past few years, including a few visits to the brewery. But I had to check out the new bottle as I've seen real improvements in the tweeks they've made to the beer since day 1. Hell, this beer is a GABF Gold Medal winner!

The label is simple, yet seems to have some paint spatter on it, probably a reference to all the graffiti that surrounds the Wynwood neighborhood where the brewery resides. Even the story on the label is titled, "A Work of Art in Every Glass!" That story concludes that this beer pairs nicely with a Nice Cigar, which I hope to do at some point. Also, definitely check Wynwood Brewing out at the upcoming Grovetoberfest in Coconut Grove.

So is he Pop or Pops (when you address him)? All the new packaging says Pop's Porter so Pops may have just become Pop, grammatically speaking of course. I guess that's just based on the photo below, LOL.

Great roasty aroma, chocolate, coffee, burnt sugar. Such nice flavors with none overwhelming any of the others. Perfect harmony with the roasted malt then coffee then chocolate and toffee. Creaminess of Pop's Porter is MONEY!!! Hoppy nips take stabs at your palate all along. 6.2% alcohol.

Very nice beer. Very nice people that own and run this brewery. Check this beer out - it's one of their flagships and just awesome all around!