Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wayfarer IPA

Today I'm checking out Green Man's Wafarer IPA. "Conceived in Asheville, NC." I suspect they put that on the can because I'm fairly certain the beer was brewed MAY/19/16 by Brew Hub in Lakeland, FL though that is no where to be found on the can. Nothing against contract brewing, but I don't like when facts are omitted.

Around the rim of the can, "CAN WHAT YOU DO. DO WHAT YOU CAN. WHERE WILL YOU GO. GO WHERE YOU WILL." The Green Man here is totally blue, donning some cool shades with a nautical background. 70 IBU; 6.0% alcohol (their website still says 5.5%, so maybe there are a few versions.)

Fruity orange and melon aroma, lightly tropical, nice but you'll need to risk beer inhalation to get a good whiff. Fruity flavors to start as well, citrus, orange and again, that distinct melon.

After a little sweetness up front, the bitterness really takes over with some pine and herbal flavors. Those linger into a dry finish and aftertaste. A little warmth takes some of the bitter edge off, adding a nice tangy component. Pretty nice beer!

Monday, August 22, 2016

12th of Never Ale

I was over at the liquor store last weekend, and the store manager told me he had a new favorite session IPA. Even at Total Wine, you can't break open 12 packs to grab a single. Well, you can, but you will be disappointed and ridiculed at checkout!

Since Lagunitas' 12th of Never Ale only comes in 12 packs, I decided to take a chance. A favorite style from a brewer that rarely disappoints, especially in the hoppy category? Sure! Sold!

Now this beer is canned! Yeah, I know. Even the story Lagunitas put on the can pokes fun at themselves for being one of the last craft breweries to can. "As the River Styx froze and the final pig took flight, when the last winged monkey departed the darkly fragrant netherlands, as wishes became horses and the beggars rode..."

That story continues, which you can hopefully read in the picture below. Nice can design. 5.5% alcohol, not exactly session definition, but fuck definitions. Even Lagunitas calls this a "slightly alcoholic" beer!

Bright citrus and candied lemon aroma, tangy, nice. Lemony citrus with some sweet and tangy balance come first. Nicely bitter but a definite honey and malty sweetness in the background.

Good body, good flavors, very nice. However, I do prefer All Day IPA because it's a little sharper, a little more refreshing, a little better 8 am post run beer to start All Day! Anyway, I had zero problem finishing all 12 of these before I even got around to writing this review, so take that as an endorsement! Check it out!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest -- Heath M. Guest Post

2016 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest
By Heath M.

Starting in 2015, Sierra Nevada started collaborating with different German brewers on their Oktoberfest beer. This year, they collaborated with Mahr's Bräu to create what a friend of mine called, “A modern day take on an authentic German Oktoberfest beer.”

For the 2016 Octoberfest, Sierra Nevada and Mahr's Bräu went with what they call a “nearly forgotten hop” called Record. The color is slightly darker golden, and the flavor is definitely ‘spicier’ than a traditional Oktoberfest beer. I get what my buddy, a big time beer junkie, means when he said it’s a modern version of a traditional German Oktoberfest beer.

It’s a little maltier than a standard beer, but not quite nearly as malty as an average Oktoberfest beer. I’ve heard from more than one person, however, that the 2015 collaboration was better than this year’s. I think both are different and unique, and this one is definitely a newer take on a traditional Oktoberfest.

The bottle is pretty cool, with artwork depicting a small German town next to a river and some mountains. The back says, “We’ve partnered with Mahr's Bräu, one of German’s most highly regarded brewers, to create a golden-hued festival beer right here in the USA. Using traditional techniques, heritage German barley, and the Record hop varietal - a nearly forgotten German-grown hop — we’ve created the most authentic take on the style this side of the Atlantic.”

Even though it’s August, all the fall and Oktoberfest beers are coming in, and it’s making me feel like autumn is coming. Even though I live in South Florida. Anyway, this is a recommended beer! Prost!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sun Block Summer IPA

While on vacation in Ocean City, NJ, I picked up a sixer of Captain Lawrence Brewings Sun Block Summer IPA. And yeah, OC is still dry; got this at Circle Liquor in Somers Point (which is now more like Intersection Liquor!) According to the bottle, this is a "new and improved Sun Block [with] a little more oomph." Nice label--it's so hot, the sun is sweating profusely. But the old man sipping a giant mug of Sun Block is just fine. Dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. 5.8% alcohol. 45 IBU.

Sweet, fruity aroma with lots of orange and tangerine citrus, maybe a touch of yeast. Sweet and bitter contrast from the start. Nicely sweet fruit, tropical and citrus meets a nice fresh and spicy hoppy bitterness. Nice wheaty tang. Very flavorful. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tropical Pale Ale

Today I'm checking out Boulevard's Tropical Pale Ale, brewed with grapefruit and passion fruit. Reading the fine print on the can, this beer was actually brewed and canned by Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, CA, under Boulevard's supervision.

Easter colors and palm trees on the can definitely say "tropical." The rim of the can says "FRESH EXOTIC FRUIT." I'd have definitely added a Y to FRUIT for some grammatical consistency, but I guess that's why I don't work in the industry. 5.9% alcohol. Canned on 6/29/16.

Nice aroma, very fruity, full of tangerine citrus and sweet passion fruit and just a touch of spiciness. Big grapefruit bitterness hits your palate to start, resinous and full of zest. Tangerine citrus follows, less harsh, and then the miracle... some tropical passion fruit balance really smooths out the initial sharpness. Full cycle, super bitter to beautifully tame.

Fruity, spicy. Great back and forth contrast, sweet and bitter, spicy and smooth. Very tasty and I could drink this all day! Just need to go back to the liquor store! Check it out!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hopsoulution Ale

Today I'm checking out Hopsoulution Ale, A DIPA brewed by Bell's Brewery. According to the story on the label, this beer was brewed in homage to Mother Nature and her hop creation, illustrated on a simple front label. 8.0% alcohol.

Sweet orange aroma, very nice. Great fruity flavors come first, orange and lightly tropical. A hint of caramel sweetness also shows before a BLAMO of hops and bitterness take over.

Citrus, resinous pine, spicy, light alcohol, yeah! Big body too. The finish is dry with lingering fruit, especially with some warmth. Check it out.