Sunday, July 23, 2017

Torikumi Wasabi Infused Blonde Ale

Today I grabbed a pounder can of Torikumi Wasabi Infused Blonde Ale. This appears to be a collaboration beer that SweetWater did with Telluride Brewing. There is crude Japanese art depicting a sumo wrestler on the can.

And then there's the story... it looks like SweetWater set up some theoretical Sumo match with Telluride where the sumo wrestlers are actually the ingredients. Read it below if you want, kind of dumb. Dank Tank Series. 7.5% alcohol. Drink By 10/13/17

Aroma is pretty faint, just a hint of undefined spice. Flavors are weird, wasabi meets hoppy citrus bitterness in a Sumo match. I'll leave it at that, but I really didn't like this experiment in the slightest! The End! Ask if you want another beer recommendation.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 Ayinger Dunkle Weisse

Today I'm checking out Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 Ayinger Dunkle Weisse. I love this collaboration brewery and this style is money when executed with skill. I expect nothing less from these two breweries! Obviously this is one of the "OverSeas" versions of Beer Camp Across the World.

The story on the label sets you up for this "dark twist on a Bavarian-style wheat beer." 5.7% alcohol. 10 IBU. PkGD 4/25/17.

Darker color than I was expecting. Lots of floaties, which is awesome! Nicely sweet aroma, full of ripe bananas and hints of bubble gum. Really yum! Tangy at the start with some dark brown bread flavors dominating at the beginning.

Big Banana. Big Bubblegum. Some spicy cloves and a rich body anchors the whole beer. Nicely sweet but plenty of balance. Definitely a winner from the series!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

First Bite Pale Ale

My Miami friends brought me a few Long Island beers from a recent trip up north. Spider
Bite Beer Company's First Bite Pale Ale is the one I'm checking out today. Simple label with an angry spider crawling on a hop cone.

The beer is named "First Bite" because it was the first beer the Spider Bite team brewed together. 5.5% alcohol. 30 IBU.

Caramel and lightly hoppy aroma. Caramel forward on the flavors too. Crackers are also prevalent, but a medicinal hoppy takeover comes next. Sourdough, spicy, leafy, pithy bitterness. Balance was OK, same as the beer, tough in a world of awesome pale ales.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 Boneyard Beer West Coast-Style DIPA

I was really looking forward to this 2017 Beer Camp beer! For real, Sierra Nevada and Oregon's Boneyard Beer should be able to figure out a fucking awesome West Coast-Style DIPA! Am I right?

And a pounder can too! 8.3% alcohol. The story on the back lets you know to expect an "intensely hop-heavy" beer. OK, I'm in!!!

Beautiful aroma full of tropical peaches, pineapples and tangerines. Whoa! Big pine and citrus WOMP of bitterness hits your palate first! But a beautiful tropical fruity streak comes next. Peaches pineapples, orange come then fade.

That fade leads to more spicy, dank, lingering bitter flavors. Bold bitter, enough nice balance, finish to let you know this is a bitter MoFo. Excellent beer! Loved everything about it! Those fruity flavors stood out so much my wife ignored her normal bitter hate and asked if this was brewed with a lot of oranges!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Samuel Adams Hefeweizen

Today I'm checking out Samuel Adams Hefeweizen. The label shows a raft with a cooler and a few paddles. 5.4% alcohol. 14 IBU.

Banana and a faint spicy aroma. Wheaty twang comes first. Definitely can taste banana flavors, too. Soft spiciness with cloves. On the sweet side but not overly so. Spices build as you drink more. Not bad.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 The Bruery Raspberry Sundae Ale

Next up on the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 tour: The Bruery Raspberry Sundae Ale, a beer brewed with lactose, cocoa, vanilla and raspberries. 8.0% alcohol. PKGD 04/21/17. Let's see if this hits their ice cream sundae inspiration.

Aroma is tough to find but has some light raspberry and cocoa there, very tame. WOW! Flavors all up in your face, super interesting! Raspberries shine from the start, bright, tart, excellent. Then layers of flavor wash over that, cocoa and vanilla in one super nuanced wave.

Alcohol is noticeable, continuously bringing out the raspberries in full force. Prickly carbonation. Super creative, really liked it. Definitely delivered on promise from its name!