Monday, September 18, 2017

The Iberian Pig

When you're out in Atlanta to visit Brick Store Pub for a few beers, I'd definitely recommend checking out The Iberian Pig across the square for some charcuterie and tapas! Absolutely fabulous! They also have a great wine list and offer some local craft beers. I had two awesome glasses of Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA during my visit a few weeks ago.

Serrano, Manchego, and like six different tapas later, I was stuffed. I went with a friend who did most of the ordering and deciding what to share, but the knowledgeable staff was an excellent resource and was happy to make recommendations.

Consider this a strong suggestion for your next visit!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beer Camp 2017 Mikkeller Thai-Style Iced Tea Ale

Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp 2017 collaboration with Mikkeller seemed to me to be one of the most interesting beers. Thai-Style Iced Tea Ale, brewed with lactose, orange peel, black tea, tamarind and star anise. Just WOW! 7.2% alcohol. PKGD 04/20/17 (and I wrote this early July, in case you care.)

Plenty of tea and a little citrus aroma. Really interesting blend of flavors. Big tea flavors with lots of orange and citrus and a giant spice basket, presumably the tamarind and star anise. Rich body, lightly sweet, and super flavorful. For me, though, the spices were a little too much. Extremely interesting but not exactly my cup of tea.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dancing Pierre Belgian-Style Pale Ale

DeBary, Florida's Central 28 Beer Company recently started distributing a few of their beers to the Miami area. I grabbed a can of their Dancing Pierre Belgian-Style Pale Ale. Pierre is the circus bear riding the unicycle and juggling hop cones. 5.9% alcohol.

Orange citrus, yeasty, spicy cloves and hay aroma. More of the same flavor-wise. Juicy and fruity citrus to start, nicely hoppy. Tangy, orange.

There is definitely a little funkiness and Belgian yeast character, hay, subtle wet blanket. Spicy coriander, a little white pepper.

Nice beer. Could be just a little dryer, crisper, hoppier. Check it out.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Saison aux Baies Ameres

Saison aux Baies Ameres I assume translates to Saison with Chokecherries, which are apparently an inedible (for humans) bitter fruit, these particular ones found in Colorado. Apparently though, Left Hand was able to use them as an ingredient in this saison, and sets your expectations on the side of the pounder can. 6.8% alcohol. 10 IBU. Best By 12/11/2017.

Aroma is faint, maybe a little fruit and a little spice. Soft, fruity flavors to start with some lightly tart cherry flavors coming from the fruity addition. Spicy, definitely some yeasty character. The tartness and acidity add some wine-like interest. Very smooth, easy drinker. I liked the fruity addition and the subtle nuances it added to this saison.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Clown Shoes Baked Goods Hoppy Pale Ale

OK I admit it. I bought a can of Clown Shoes Baked Goods Hoppy Pale Ale because of the name and artwork on the can. Well, that and the fact that every beer I've tasted from this brewery is solid. The scene on the can is a Clown Shoe-shaped fighter space craft blasting baked space debris.

"OUR MISSION: To Produce Beer Without Pretension While Being Free and a Little Crazy" Canned 06/23/17. 5.5% alcohol.

Citrusy, tangy aroma. Very dry from the start. Orange and grapefruit citrus rind flavors are hoppy and sharp. Bitter and aggressively astringent! With a little warmth, however, some of those sharp edges are rounded off. That is highly recommended. With warmth, a nice juicy, tangy, orange jammy sweetness shines.

Definitely delivered on "Hoppy Pale Ale." Remember... let it warm up a bit.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Beer Camp 2017 Tree House Brewing East Meets West IPA

Yeah, I'm still publishing about Beer Camp 2017 beers. Heck, they are still for sale at my local Total Wine. So why not? Here's Sierra Nevada's collaboration with Tree House Brewing: East Meets West IPA. And although this particular pounder can was packaged 04/28/17, I wrote this back in late June (so it was pretty fresh). 7.0% alcohol.

Soft, fruity aroma. Nice tropical fruity and juicy flavors to start, even more pronounced with a little warmth. Spicy, hoppy, lots of pine and citrus zest, yet not a hop bomb or overly bitter. Nicely balanced. Dry at the finish with some lingering bitterness. Flavorful, nice beer.