Thursday, September 3, 2015

Zombie Monkey Robust Porter

Zombie Monkey Robust Porter? Hell Yeah! Tallgrass Brewing recently sent me a pounder can of this beer to check out. I must say the can art is really fun. Before even getting close up and checking out the art and catch phrases, you will feel the "Tactical Grip" texture on the can, great when "Preventing Slippage While Fleeing" (from the Zombie Monkeys).

The Zombie Monkey is in your face, kind of surreal. Glowing white eyes and exposed brain along with a blank stare... The brewery provided stats as well: 6.2% alcohol, 35 IBU, and Notes stating "a relentlessly tasty beer inspired by approximately true events."

Sweet chocolate, faint roasted malty aroma. Sweet chocolate, very creamy. Roasted coffee flavors lead all the way to a light char. Raisin and dark fruit nuances. I'd say that this beer is very similar to Buffalo Sweat, though I did like this one better. Check it out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Total Domination India Pale Ale

Eugene is such a cool name! Especially when it's the name of the town in Oregon my beer is from. Today I'm trying Total Domination India Pale Ale brewed by Ninkasi Brewing. The (very crooked, fix the machine) label on the back suggests I should expect "total satisfaction" from this beer "whose name says it all." 6.7% alcohol. 65 IBU.

Fruity and piney aroma, pretty muted but a little more comes through as it warms up. Orange and tangerine citrus flavors come first, with some pine behind them. Nice flavors. Bitter and sweet meet at neutral. A little spicy with a hit of alcohol flavor and dryness at the finish, light astringency as well. Not bad but I was expecting more. Tough category to be just pretty good! Not Total Domination of anything.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bimini Twist IPA

After really enjoying 3 Daughters Brewing's St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale, I decided to check out their Bimini Twist IPA. The can art is very creative - the main design is the tail of a fish made from two hop cones. The fish is diving back down into the water so you only see the tail, but it appears that the fish is hooked in the tail by the fishing line that highlights the beer's name.

"DON'T LET THIS ONE GET AWAY" is the title of the story on the back, suggesting this beer is "a catch worthy of a rollicking fish tale. Definitely a keeper." 7.0% alcohol. 82 IBU. Canned 7/25/15

Not really any aroma. Pretty malty and sweet for an IPA. Rich and chewy. Herbal with some fruity orange. Then some astringent bitterness shows at the finish and hangs around. Definitely different but not that great. In a mega-competitive category, even in the brewery's own back yard (like Coppertail's Free Dive that I recently tried), I think this beer needs a lot of work.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Soul Style IPA

I recently attended a Green Flash Beer Dinner with their Director of Beer Education Dave Adams. Soul Style IPA was not part of the menu though we did talk about it. "Soul Style" is apparently a surfing term used on the West Coast. So I grabbed a bottle at the local liquor store today to check out! In addition to the beer's name, the other parts of the bottle label follow with that ocean/surfer theme.

"Waves of Hops, Simcoe Citra Cascade." The story on the back talks about getting Stoked and ripping huge beers. "Get stoked on a laid back single [IPA] and ride a wave to soothe your soul." 6.5% alcohol. 75 IBU. Best By 30 DEC 15.

Citrus orange aroma with a hint of pine and spiciness. Great tropical fruity flavors meet some pine and peppery spicy balance. Plenty hoppy though very seductive! Soft yet still strong and full of body and flavor. Sweet and bitter. Nice finish. Its Got Soul! Check it out!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout

I cracked open a pounder can of Tallgrass Brewing's Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout this afternoon. Cool Can with the name of the beer incorporated into a giant snorting buffalo head.5.0% alcohol. 20 IBU. Drink By 12/24/15.

Luscious chocolate, light coffee aroma. Coffee flavors dominate in the beginning with the cocoa taking a back seat. Crazy creamy milky and smooth. Sweet flavors exist but there is a strong roasty bitter balance that drives the sweetness away. Good. Not exactly my cup of tea though.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Miss Bliss

Today I'm checking out Magic Hat's Miss Bliss, a beer spiced with coriander and orange zest. This beer was first brewed in 1998, and despite great reviews, they haven't brewed it since. Just like Magic Hat Ale, this beer's re-release is part of their 21st Anniversary celebration. You can find both in their Night of the Living Dead mixed 12/24 packs.

The label shows a single flower speaking the beer's tagline: "POUR A LITTLE SPICE IN YOUR LIFE." 4.5% alcohol

Not a very powerful aroma, but perfumey with a big whiff. Flavors are simple and subtle. Fruity orange and herbal caramel. Coriander spiciness is just a nuance. Perfumey and flowery all the way. The flavors work well together. Not bad. Check out the mixed pack!