Monday, June 18, 2018

1906 Black Coupage

Last weekend, my wife and I attended the Cochon555 Miami stop of their US Tour (if you haven't been, it's a must stop!) I had my share of Glenfiddich 14, some new Woodford Reserve expressions, and enough cocktails to want something a little lighter! And I didn't really feel like drinking wine.

Luckily, there was a beer vendor, serving up two beers brewed by Hijos de Rivera in Spain. I only tried their Estrella Galicia that day, but on the way out was given a bottle of their 1906 Black Coupage, which brings us up to date! BTW, for that link, either learn Spanish or Google will be happy to translate for you.

Two stories on the label set your expectations when drinking "The Black Sheep of the Family." 11.2 oz bottle. 7.2% alcohol.

Great aroma full of chocolate and roast with hints of licorice. Flavors are great! Rich, super creamy, smooth, really nice velvety texture.

Chocolate, cocoa, licorice and butterscotch bring a decadent start. Some hints of coffee and a nice roast add interest. Nicely balanced between sweet and bitter. Very nice beer!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Bud Light Orange

Happy Father's Day! I have a big treat for you today, Bud Light Orange, marketed by the brewery as "refreshment with a twist." Clear bottle, good call. And get this, the bottle bragging in multiple spots that this is "brewed with real orange peels." 4.2% alcohol.

Huge orange peel aroma, that's about it. Flavors the same, tons of orange and sharp citrus, oily. Completely overdone! But that orange does dissipate a little unmasking the super-blah grainy thin base beer. Two phases, not incorporated at all. Weird and pass!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Vibin Groovable Lager

Today I grabbed a can of Funky Buddha's Vibin Groovable Lager. "Crisp. Refreshing. Groovy." 5% alcohol.

Very nice aroma, crisp, nicely grainy, sharp lemon. Terrific flavors, grainy, lemony, nicely bitter. Touches of toast and honey. Super refreshing on this 90+° Florida day!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mixed Media Vino-esque Ale

Dogfish Head recently released another beer brewed with grape must called Mixed Media Vino-esque Ale. I didn't know before tasting, but they let you know on their site that this is barely a beer by law, drawing fermentable sugars from 51% grain, 49% grapes. 7.5% alcohol. 15 IBU.

Winey, grapey, acidic aroma. OMG I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! Tastes like a weird glass of wine. Big grapes, acidic and sharp. Lightly fruity underneath, soft orange and melon. Tart, lightly dry, hint of alcohol.

The end! Super one-sided and doesn't say beer in any way. And my guess is that wine drinkers would say this doesn't taste like wine, just a weird hybrid. I totally disagree with Sam's assertion that wine and beer worlds "collide quite nicely," at least not in this beer. Pass! Yeah, for sure Pass!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Hemperor HPA

New Belgium The Hemperor HPA: "Hops and Hemp Reign Together at Last!" This was recommended to me by my local haunt store manager because the aroma is so potent they cancelled the store tasting! 7% alcohol.

Hoppy dank aroma, was NOT jumping out of the glass like I was expecting. You can definitely taste the hemp and hops, dank meets juicy and fruity. Super unique, nicely bitter. Unfortunately, I'm not in love with the hemp flavor with grows and dominates the beer, gets old and obnoxious.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Loral and Dr. Rudi's Inevitable Adventure Double IPA

Loral and Dr. Rudi hops got married in Stone Brewing's Inevitable Adventure Double IPA. "Hops don't talk. Together however, they speak." 8.9% alcohol. 84 IBU.

Spicy, piney, fruity peach and citrus aroma, very pleasant. Fruity, juicy flavors meet a very big spicy, piney and citrus flavor combination. Super resinous. Big body, great bitterness. You can really pick out the characteristics of each hop, and they nicely play on each other.