Friday, July 16, 2010

Jimmy Page Bohemian Pilsner

Tonight I'm starting with Jimmy Page Bohemian Pilsner home brewed by Vanessa from the Potables and Edibles blog. I'm sure you'll recall the review of her excellent El Jefé Hefeweissen about a week ago (and if not, feel free to read it now, we'll wait...) There are four more in the sixer Vanessa gave me last weekend, so we're just getting started! OK. Let's see what little surprises this one brings! Bottle cap says JP 3/29.

Holy head! I almost lost it! Was sipping foam. The aroma is floral and hoppy, pretty light and simple. Tangy and nicely refreshingly bitter flavor profile right from the beginning. Malty, a touch of caramel, but balanced. Kinda spicy too. There is a clean finish with some malty flavors left behind on my palate. Though this is not a favorite style, this beer was very nice. The "no skunk added" aspect was also a big plus. Wow, Vanessa! You really are going to be a force in your Iron Brewer competition!

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Vanessa said...

Yeah, those pilsners really need to be finished up; not because they taste worse for wear, but holy head, batman....!! I stopped using the type of carbonation tabs I was previously using after that batch.

It's cool to get some feedback that's not from people I am either related to, or loved me before I started making beer! Thanks :) Am very happy you're enjoying the sixer so far!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Before I met you guys (the crew down here) I think I only ever even tried one other home brew in my entire life, back in PA.

I am really impressed with all of you and since we're talking about your beers, all have been great so far! Hope the streak continues. :)