Monday, August 16, 2010

Brooklyn Brewery Beer Nutritional Information

Every single day people come to my blog looking for nutritional information about beer. Truthfully, I don't know why it isn't required to be printed on the labels in the first place. And brewery websites often don't share most of that information, so consumers are left to listen to someone's best guess or give up.

The absolutely most popular blog post on my site is "Calories in Beer", which basically offers no data, just a story about my diabetic friend trying to find out how many calories a Sammy has so he could set his insulin pump correctly. Can you believe people have to go through that? These numbers should be out there, and that was Boston Beer Company, not some tiny "you'll never get that info" brewery.

And I already know the answer, so deal with my rhetorical question. Why is it so cool to promote and brag about the alcohol content in a beer while doing everything possible to hide the caloric content? Exactly!

Google tells me that a significant portion of searchers on my site want to know about the nutritional content of Brooklyn Brewery beers. I went to their website and looked around and came back with inconclusive date. So I wrote to the Brewery, explained why I wanted the information, and received everything I asked for and more. So at least for the Brooklyn Brewery, you don't need to look around any more or make your best guess. This is directly from their mouth. Thank you! Oh, and I realize this isn't every single beer they brew, but you can't have everything, right?

If your brewery would like a similar page, let me know.


BRAND ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV) Calories per 12 fl.oz. Protein grams/12 fl.oz. Carbohydrates (total) g/12 fl.oz. Fat grams/12 fl. oz.

BROWN ALE 5.6 190 2 16 0

EIPA 6.9 200 2.3 13.5 0

PILSNER 5.1 155 1.7 12.7 0

PENNANT PALE ALE 5 160 1.7 15 0

LAGER 5.2 170 2 16.3 0


MONSTER 10.1 305 2.6 25 0




SUMMER ALE 5 150 1.5 11.4 0

WINTER ALE 6.1 205 1.8 18 0



LOCAL 1 9 245 1.9 12.8 0

LOCAL 2 9 240 1.8 14 0

BLACK OPS 11.6 335 2.7 27 0

HOPFEN WEISSE 8.7 250 3 18.4 0

Some additional interesting facts about Brooklyn Brewery's beers were also given:

* None of our beers contain traces of milk or corn. However, there is some residual sugar: glucose, maltose, and maltotriose. These sugars are derived from malted barley.

* All of our 12 ounce bottles are vegan friendly. Although our website states that our cask conditioned beers use isinglass, this is no longer true. Only our new Brewmaster’s Reserve, the Brooklyn Buzz Bomb, uses honey and is not vegan.

* None of our beers are 100% gluten free. We are only able to quantify up to 5 ppm of gluten and confirmed that Brooklyn Lager has less than 5 ppm of gluten.

* We do not add sulfites as a preservative to our beer. Any sulfur formation is a result of the fermentation. Therefore, all of our beers are low in sulfites. Brooklyn Lager would be a good example of low sulfites, which has less than 1 ppm (the average sulfite content for wine is 80 ppm). Typically, sulfur dioxide levels in our beer are less than 1 ppm. The exceptions are Winter Ale, Black Chocolate Stout, Black Ops and Monster Ale, which have levels of 5-7 ppm of sulfur dioxide.

Here is the original table, before I made it readable on this site:

This version is for people that like a reading challenge

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