Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newcastle Summer Ale

Since none of you jokers listen to what I have to say anyway, I really don't know why I need to do this. But here we go. This beer was provided to me at no charge by an Account Representative at Formula PR, which has some business relationship with the Newcastle brand. Basically, the dude emailed me, probably because he likes reading awesome websites, and asked me if I'd like to review this beer. I said "Duh" and the rest is history.

One bottle of beer; besides that I am not being compensated, and I have no strings attached other than I give my honest opinion of the product. Now, when I do get my advertising contract from these guys, I will be sure to let you know as well.

So as you know by now, I am drinking Newcastle Summer Ale brewed by The Caledonian Brewery Company in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The label on the neck says "Hops AND Glory" while the main label says "From the One and Only" which I guess tries to refer to the Newcastle name. Drink Cool. There is a story about The Hoppings, which apparently is some kind of fair, on the back of the bottle. I'll let you enjoy reading that on your own. Questions? 877-522-4577 if I didn't fulfill your every desire!

Now I had never heard of this beer before a few weeks ago. Of course everyone has had the Newcastle Brown Ale, readily available in every single supermarket in the country (except stupid states where beer isn't a grocery item), but this guy has not been around these parts. And as you know, I do get around. The Brown Ale is a nice beer and I've always thought it was pretty good, so let's give this a go. By the way, no matter what the beer tastes like, the label does one thing correctly (in my opinion) that the American dictionaries hate. It uses two L's in "travelling" instead of one. Why can't we do that here? Crazy grammar zealots!

Big head, yep! Malty with lots of grain on the nose, lightly sweet, and you know what? There is a peppermint-type aroma that will not go away. Lots of sweet grain and corn and malty flavors start things out. Some bittering hops do show up and provide a balancing element shortly afterward. I thought it was my imagination, but nope, there is definitely a minty flavor component as well, very distinct yet not too appealing. Yeah, it's a little off and tastes like a medical examination room smells. Light body, crisp, decent carbonation, nice texture. But the flavors are not desirable at all. Very dry finish. Glad it's over as I did not like this beer at all! Skip it if you see it!

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Anonymous said...

You need to rinse the peppermint toothpaste out of your mouth befor reviewing beer. I have been a home brewer and beer enthusiast for 20 years, and although we all have a slightly different take on the beers we sample, I have to say that your review was nearly the opposite of the other reviews I've read about this beer. I also have tried it and I love it. Oh well, to each his own.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me. I'm glad you enjoy it. I stand by my story that it's a sub-par beer. At best.