Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lancaster Milk Stout

Today was pretty awesome. A coworker of mine came home from Denver with some killer beers from Russian River, Lost Abbey and Ska Brewing. I've barely had a chance to even check them out. Keep your eyes open. And thanks again, traveler!

Tonight I'm drinking Lancaster Milk Stout brewed by Lancaster Brewing Company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Simple label with a cow head in the middle. Brewed naturally without preservatives and with lactose.

Sweet aroma, chocolate ice cream and vanilla on top of it. Flavors start out with chocolate and vanilla, too. But on top of those are two very distinct other flavors that the aroma didn't hint at: roasted malt and burnt coffee. This beer starts out faintly sweet, but the burnt bitter coffee really swings the flavors more that way. Smooth and creamy. Solid carbonation, but a little thin as far as body goes. An OK beer but I was a little disappointed. I wanted thicker and sweeter, more milkshake and less Folgers. Not bad flavors though. Try it if you can, but don't make a special trip to Pittsburgh to bring back on a plane.

Lancaster Sun Care Tanning Lotion SPF 6 - 400ml/13.5oz

The Train ~ Burt Lancaster

Wrought Iron Pie Stand/Rack Double Tier Hand Made ~ Amish made in Lancaster County, PA!


Deray said...

Why would you drink a beer that tastes like burnt coffee? wakala! jajajaja

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Personally, burnt coffee flavors are one of my least favorite in a beer, but some people like that and the bitterness that usually goes along with it.

It's not exactly what you're suggesting, though. That's just one aspect in a more complex profile. I didn't just brew some coffee, let it sit around all day and burn, then drink it. This was still a beer with many other balancing flavors.

You should try something besides Dos Equis some day. Really!

Royce said...

Ah too bad, I always perk up when I hear about a milk stout because that style has fantastic potential.

And I personally love coffee flavors in beer, even a lil burnt coffee... like Rob says, it adds a complexity amongst other good flavors.

Vanessa said...

I'm finding myself enjoying milk stouts more and more recently. Previously I only really used them in cooking - I have a killer stout, beef & cheddar pie recipe if you're ever inclined to cook with beer instead of drink it ;)

TJ Lubrano said...

Chocolate, vanilla & burnt coffee...
this sounds like a dessert!

How often did a beer surprise you with hidden flavors? Or can you usually smell hints of flavors before you taste the beer?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Vanessa. I may take you up on that recipe. Cooking Asshole has a rack of lamb recipe I want to try soon with a beer instead of the wine he used too.

Tahira. It would have been dessert if it were sweeter. I do have a beer called Creme Brulee that I am thinking might meet those qualifications.

The aroma and flavors often match, but sometimes one is much more dominant. Personally, I find I am able to taste more nuances than sniff them out. Speaking of sniffing, check out my review from today!

Lover Lady said...

I saw several milk stouts yesterday on my beer shopping trip...didn't know what that trend was about so glad you have covered here. We ought to coordinate to drink that Creme Brulee at the same time and do comparison reviews! :)