Friday, November 26, 2010

Newcastle Brown Ale

Remember when I reviewed Newcastle Summer Ale a few months back? Well this was the same deal--the same account representative from Formula PR sent me two bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale. Again, no strings attached and I am not being compensated.

I have had this beer numerous times, just not for a few years. If my memory serves me correctly, I am going to worship this beer in comparison to the Summer Ale. As you can see, this one comes bottled in clear glass and there is a story on the back label which you can read below (if you can read, which makes me adding these extra comments even more ironic because you wouldn't be able to read this either. Hmmm.)

So I did the taste test recently... Earthy, grassy, nutty aroma with a corn and grain background. I DID NOT enjoy the smell. Quite a bit sweeter than I remembered this beer, yet not overly sweet. Tea flavors mix with some faint nuttiness. Bread and caramel try to make a go of it too. Smooth, with butter texture even making me think butter flavors. Decent, but no where near great or extraordinary. I guess that says a lot for my memory, too. Many much better options.

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