Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swamp Ape IPA

Today I'm drinking Swamp Ape IPA brewed by Florida Beer Company in Melbourne, Florida. These are the guys that also make the Key West brand of beers. This one, however, is not like those beers at all. This is a Double IPA that they are just launching. In fact, my dears, this one was a sample provided to me by the brewery--and a few of his siblings came along for the ride--not quite enough for Octomom, but close. Thank you Florida Beer marketing guy! The label depicts an angry looking cartoonish ape, reminds me a little of an angry Magilla Gorilla.

Neon green colors on a black background stand out well, and there is also a beer description story: "What Is A Swamp Ape?" You can read that story from the photo below. I probably wouldn't say this normally unless terrible, but constructively, Florida Beer should line up their label machine so the one on the neck matches the main one.

Tropical and fruity aroma, plenty of pineapple and just a hint of spice to come. Quite a lovely aroma! Sweet fruity and absolutely delicious, luscious, flavorful start. Pineapples and peaches and oranges, very tropical. I should be sitting on the beaches of Barbados sipping a few of these. Now I am not sure why I said Barbados, since I've never been there, but it probably has to do with that damn TV. Miami Beach should do just fine!

Now, yes, this started sweet, but a good dose of spicy black pepper and hit of hops stepped into the ring, say around round two and knocked Mr. Tropical on his ass. When Sweetie got up off the ground, he did manage to stage a comeback and still win by unanimous decision. Throughout the fight, good little spicy bitter jabs at the palate give interest and excitement. The carbonation is not powerful but is a little prickly, also providing a little sweet relief. The 10% alcohol certainly makes itself noticeable, especially toward the end, as you will feel a welcome burn before a dry finish. The alcohol is mostly disguised and not an asshole--as I pretty much already said, it fits in perfectly. Nothing short of spectacular! This was a most excellent beer. Let me know if you want to share.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite beers around and my favorite from the Florida Brewing Co. I am excited they are finally getting these into bottles. If you get a chance to try this high quality adult beverage I highly recommend that you do. It's delicious.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, it's really good. I don't know their distribution plans, but mine came in a bottle, though it was a gift and not a retail purchase. Loved it!

Unknown said...

Email came out and they are selling it at the brewery in 4packs or by the case. We got a keg of this delicious treat for the UF vs. USF game this year and the Swamp Ape attacked me. Knocked me out twice in one night. Unbelieveable!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Awesome, Paul. Really a great beer! And a keg, wow. Hope you had a bunch of friends!