Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Upland Wheat Ale

Today I'm drinking Upland Wheat Ale brewed by Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington, Indiana. This comes compliments of Marathon Marie. I've already started slowly collecting a second batch to go back to Indiana, and I have a very cool new box with the correct packaging to do so. Anyway, that's another topic. The label on this Wheat Ale depicts, hold for it, get ready... an endless wheat field! Bottled on: August, 2010.

Wheat with banana aroma and a good amount of citrusy lemon on top of that. Very lemony flavors right up front, with a solid tartness to go along with that. Bananas are less noticeable than they were in the aroma, and a little spice also pokes in and out. Wheat flavor and texture is another component you will not miss. Vibrant, aggressive carbonation will also make sure you are paying attention. Simple, refreshing, flavorful, easy drinker, nice beer all around! Probably exactly what Upland was going for! Don't go out of your way to have it sent to Florida, but do drink it when in the area!

Irish Setter Men's 855 Upland Kangaroo 9" Waterproof Side Zip Boot,Brown,10 D US

Meyer Lemon Comsumer Pack

Brewing with Wheat (Brewing Technology) -- Stan Hieronymus

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marie said...

Glad you liked it, that's one of my husband's favorites.

I am intrigued by your packaging (what she said)...tell me more! I have a couple ideas for other beers I could send you. That Demolition from Goose Island was great, and there are plenty from FFF and Sun King you haven't tried yet - they just released the Wee Mac cans.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, I was thinking in a month or so we might try another round if you're down with that.

When the guy from Florida Beer sent me samples of Swamp Ape IPA, the packaging was able to ship twelve 12 oz bottles so they aren't touching each other (no baggies or other crap), and the box is the right size. Obviously, it's a professionally designed box/packaging specifically for shipping beer samples.

marie said...