Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20" Brown Ale

Today I'm drinking 20" Brown Ale brewed by Cascade Lakes Brewing Company in Redmond, Oregon. This is another sent to me by my friend Christina in Ohio. There's story on the side that let's you know this beer is named after the "enormous Brown Trout that inhabit Northwest streams... Set the others free and sink your hook into this one." Besides a giant 20", the label depicts a fisherman in waders about to hook one of these famous trout.

Deep rich aroma with lightly burnt malt and nuts. Nice rich bread flavors start things off. Roasted, malty and with plenty of nutty flavors, too. Sweet and sugary at the same time. After an initial sweetness, some very noticeable hops offer plenty of bitter balance. Carbonation is strong and prickly; body is low to medium. You finish with a dry and lightly bitter aftertaste. Flavorful beer. If you like Brown Ales, you'll like this one. Nice job.

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