Monday, June 20, 2011

Nelson Imperial IPA

Today I'm drinking Nelson Imperial IPA brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon. The label and bottle cap say this is Series 924--not sure what that means. The rest of the label is very basic, only adding "HOPPED TO PERFECTION" and "PROST! OR IF YOU PREFER, HAKA." Date Stamp, April 12, 2011, which I am guessing is a bottle date.

Very unique hoppy aroma. What I took away from it is a tropical peach and pineapple mixed with some pine and spice. Welcoming. Great hoppy flavor start. Bitter pine and lemony citrus are what you will find in the beginning. Those have a malty and fruity orange and peach answer. Excellent flavors, nice balance. As you progress, you will start to taste some spicy black pepper along with some nice bite and warmth from the 8.6% alcohol. The prickly carbonation makes both of those further stand out, but don't think the alcohol was any issue at all. Nicely incorporated into the beer. The finish is dry and some fruit and pine resin are left behind on your palate for a long-lasting aftertaste. A definite winner. Go for it!

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Michael Jurewicz said...

Yeah I really enjoyed this one. Nelson Sauvin hops are my favorite variety.

Vanessa said...

Widmer was pouring this one at NHC on Saturday - I really enjoyed it. Definitely be on the buy list for summer :)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Nice beer. Yeah, Mike. Definitely something about the hops!

Smitty said...

The 924 on the label with reference that the Nelson Imperial IPA along with the Pitch Black for instance, are part of the 924 series from Widmer Bros. It also is the address of the brewery in Portland, 924 Russell St.

The 924 series are beers that are limited production brews that were created by the brewers at Widmer Bros. hoping to create some interest in various styles that Widmer had yet to produce.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Smitty, for the info. I figured it was something like that. But I guess I was not in the research mood that night. :)