Monday, July 25, 2011

Burton Baton

Today I'm drinking Burton Baton brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. This is "an oak-aged Imperial India Pale Ale [that is] lush & enjoyable now [and] ages with the best of 'em". I learned recently from Sam's blog that this beer is brewed as a tribute to Ballantine's Burton Ale, as he and some other beer geeks were opening up a few 60 year old bottles. Yes, I've had this before and reviewed it twice already, but it's certainly a worthy re-repeat. This time, however, I'm wondering if the cowboy guitar player on the front has anything to do with the Ballantine tradition. Hmmm.

Caramel and sweet fruit aroma, lightly tropical, with a touch of wood too. Orange and pineapple tropical fruit flavors to start. And even more sweetness with a dab of caramel on top, quite the malty start. The oak is much more prevalent here in the flavor profile than in the aroma, definitely adding some quality interest. The 10% alcohol is first noticeable right around now as it really accents some citrus and spicy black pepper that keeps nibbling on my palate. That aspect is really a welcome relief as it cuts the sweetness significantly, nicely marrying one another.

More alcohol warmth comes next, in a really nice way, borderline burn. Creamy carbonation and excellent texture throughout. If I had to say one negative, it would be that I wish this beer had just a touch more hoppy balance, but who am I to knock such a great beer. Grab one or two when you see them!

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Miamimaltbomb said...

Yeah, this one is tough to dislike. Have you ever tried an aged bottle?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

This one aged in my fridge for a month or two. That's about it though. How does it change?

freaknhell said...

Been following you for a few weeks. Really dig the blog. Thanks!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks for the compliment and following the blog. I appreciate it!

Miamimaltbomb said...

It's hard to say since year to year it's often a little different fresh. Couple years ago, though, if you let it go for 1-2 years, it acquired a vinous, oaky vanilla-tobacco character, rather wine-like.

It is tough to age, since it's so good fresh. I don't have any anymore, my fresh bottles were downed.