Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hoopla Pale Ale

Today I'm drinking Hoopla Pale Ale brewed by Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado. The label on Big 22 is colorful, with what appears to be the silhouette of a woman cutting a rug on the dance floor. The story on the side says that this is a creative collaboration between Boulder Beer and a local musician and homebrewer named Kyle Hollingsworth of The String Cheese Incident. Enjoy before September 7, 2011.

Bready malt and orange citrus aroma. Nice. Bitter lemon rind start and a little astringent. Some bready balance does come along, but the bitter and malty seem to be competing and not really married. Reminds me of that Wonder Years episode where Winnie's parents aren't even talking at their barbecue and Winnie has to go away for the summer because they are divorcing and Kevin is all like, "so what about me?" Me me me! See the video below as well as I found the exact scene.

Well, the alcohol is very noticeable and offering some medicinal flavors into the aftertaste. Orange and light pine make for a Pale Ale on the hoppy and bitter end of the style. Nice carbonation, mostly refreshing. Decent beer. Worth a try. Oh, and Kyle, best wishes to you in your musical career.

The Wonder Years - Complete Series (Seasons 1-6) (Import)

Rhythm Of The Road: Volume One, Incident In Atlanta -11.17.00 -- The String Cheese Incident


Lost said...

Ohhh Winnie Cooper. I had such a huge crush on you when I was a boy.


Anonymous said...

Even straight girls had a crush on Winnie. Thanks, Rob!!!

Christina M.

Miamimaltbomb said...

You tied the Wonder Years in with a beer review? Strong work.

How does this beer compare to Hazed and Infused?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Lost. She has kind of a flat face, or something, but she totally reminded me of my Jr. High crushes.

Yeah, Christina. I can see that!

MMB. Every now and then it comes to me, LOL. Hazed and Infused? I've had it but don't remember. I am not really a fan of this brewery at all, but always hope that turns around. Last beer I had from them, Mojo Risin', was infected and had some shit growing in it. I've heard it's a pretty dirty brewery from some that toured the joint.

Lost said...

Flat face, schmat place. I was 10 and horny!