Sunday, July 31, 2011

Medalla Light

Today I saw this big dude in Publix grab a six pack of mini Bud cans. This guy looked like he could just take care of the can with the beer in one bite. I hate those cans, more for the size than even for my disinterest in Bud being inside of it. Six ounces? Is that what is in them? That's like one sip. Why even bother?

Anyway, that reminded me that Ed Roberts gave me a can of today's beer at his store yesterday. I had dropped off a coworker at Fort Lauderdale International and Total Wine is a must stop after any airport runs, it's so close! Ed didn't know I was making an appearance and still surprised me with a can of what he said was Puerto Rico's best selling beer. Imagine my excitement for just a moment. It was also fun passing the Total Wine cashier's probing about the mystery beer I wasn't paying for.

Today I'm reviewing Medalla Light brewed by Cerveceria India Inc. in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. This beer came in a baby-sized 10 ounce can, so cute. Since it's a Light, they were sure to include the nutritional analysis. For 10 oz: Calories, 83. Carbohydrates, 2.5g. Proteins, 0.65g. Fats, 0g. ABV: over 4%, not more than 6%. I LOVE that part, the alcohol range. Best by 30SEP11.

Big head. Sweet corn aroma, maybe some faint citrus. Sweet corn flavors as well and a little flowery to start. After a couple sips (which is all this can held, incidentally), you could really feel a full vegetable garden of flavors in the mouth. A light hoppiness toned the sweet just a little. Pretty thin, decent carbonation. Too sweet to be refreshing. I could have used a little more carbonation as well. About what I expected. If I were vacationing in Puerto Rico, I'd drink 1000 of these. Otherwise I wouldn't ever drink it, available here or not. If you do decide to drink it, make it cold. It was less desirable as it warmed up.

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Unknown said...

I am from Puerto Rico and I hated Medalla, everyone else there seems to love it though. I sure am glad that I am now a South Florida resident and have access to a wide variety of beers and am enjoying trying new beers on a regular basis.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Victor.

I'm sure all that LOVE for Medalla in PR is based on pride and perspective. The perspective you have with so many options has certainly opened your eyes, though it sounds like you were hoping for more even when you were in PR.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I live in Puerto Rico and I can tell you this is only the highest selling beer here because there is a very little selection of beer to begin with. It's almost impossible to find any dark lagers. Majority of beer here could best be described as beer flavored water.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I feel your pain, Anonymous. My wife is Colombian and it's the same crap there. Aguila? Please! And that's the best one. Drink Whiskey! Or maybe rum in your part of the world.