Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Update 9/16/2011: Voting is open from now until next Friday, 9/23 at Noon PST. I want you to read my post here, but I really want you to vote for me even more, LOL. One click here and one choice there. Very simple! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CANFESTBloggerContest

Why does Beer Drinker Rob deserve to go to CANFEST? Such a simple question! Where should I start? I know. First by meeting what appears to be the only firm requirement--having an established beer blog. Did you just ask if I had a blog? Duh, you're reading this post on it right now. Come on, people!

Did you ever do something for no particular reason other than you knew eventually you'd figure out why you were doing it? And you knew that what was to come would be epic too, right? Yeah, that's how I felt as I saved hundreds of empty six pack holders for the past several years. I mean who does that? At the beginning I was weak and returned some to my local liquor store for them to reuse in their "Mix Your Own Six" program. But eventually I was comfortable enough to save those as well.

That's when I heard about this contest being run by Buckbean Brewing. I knew my buddy Lost won the contest and went to CANFEST last year and remembered his humorous ransom note, but I really didn't pay attention any more closely than that. But this year the contest caught my attention. I mean how much more of a perfect fit could this be? I need to talk about my best attributes in a contest being judged by people that are partial to creativity and humor? And the theme is beer? (Yeah, those are all rhetorical.)

The completed CAN is over 6 feet tall!

After much thought, I came up with what I'm sure is the winning entry. First, I'm all about the CAN. I wont be asked to leave my community pool for bringing glass bottles (again) when my favorite beers are packaged in CANS. On the Beach? On the Golf Course? Much more appropriate with no worries of breakage. And what about beer trading and packing beer to bring back from your vacations? I don't know about you, but I've had Stout-soaked and stained clothes before. CANS are the key! All that and my precious beer is protected from damaging light! Awesome.

That's when I knew what I was going to do. Create an architectural masterpiece in the shape of a Giant 16 Ounce CAN (the size Buckbean uses) made from reused bottle six pack holders and bottle cases. After all, we won't need all that packaging once CANS are the norm. How awesome would that be for the environment?

I wasn't really quite sure how it was all going to come together, but the first thing I did was try to find the normal dimensions for a Pounder CAN. I did ask Buckbean directly for their CAN dimensions, but I'm still waiting for an answer from them. I probably wouldn't have answered me either, though, so no hard feelings. Since Buckbean's beers are not available in Florida, I used a Busch Light can that's been laying around as my model.

Seriously, I spent a few hours measuring and using my awesome mathematics skills to plan this project. Height, circumference, the top and bottom ridges; oh and then to figure out how many sixer packages to put together to make my CAN to scale. And how was this "Rodin" going to be held together long enough for at least a picture but more likely its submission to the Museum of Modern Art (with a side appearance at Total Wine before its donation)? Another tough question.

I'll spare you the failures, but let's say there were many trials and errors before I was able to complete the final product. Basically, I used 10 sixer packs all taped together to make each of the 8 rows. I used an old Festivus Pole as a backbone and put empty 12 Pack boxes over it to create a support for the CAN, which ended up being exactly 11.8 times to scale and over 6 feet tall. You probably don't realize how much this thing weighs, and though I was able to make the eight rings stand up without any bracing, it just wasn't sturdy enough. I bought some bamboo sticks and created some rigidness on every other row for the final product you see, and those sticks also afforded me the ability to make the first row off the ground, appearing a little more like a real can would look.

Why do I deserve to go to CANFEST? I am an established beer blogger that actively promotes the craft beer industry, writing daily reviews and participating in social media to create interest in this wonderful product. I am easily approachable and more than willing to answer any questions I can, make recommendations or help find someone who can do a better job if I don't know the answer. I think CANNING totally makes sense from both environmental and product-protection perspectives.

OH. And then there's my little project, all done under the supervision of 10% ABV beer. Since bottles are off limits at CANFEST, how ironic is it that my 6-foot CAN is made of beer bottle packaging not necessary in the world of CANS? No longer will we need six pack box packaging; no more will we need 12-pack bottle packaging. And once all the Pandas are killed off (I'm just being a realist, and no, I don't hope for this in any way), the bamboo braces I used will be totally GREEN as well! That's all the materials used except for blood, sweat and tears! After the contest is over, I plan to donate my work to any liquor store or museum that will take it. Maybe they can auction it for some charity.

So ask yourself this question when you're voting. Who else would go to such great lengths to promote CANS? That's right. NO ONE WOULD! Voting begins September 15, at which point I'll add a link here so you can check out all of the entries before selecting mine to SEND ME TO CANFEST! Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Spine for CAN. I told you this thing was huge.

CAN Assembly begins. Virgin Mary watches over me.

Looking down into the CAN from the balcony. Before adding the top of the CAN.


Completed CAN


Orange for the top makes it look like Buckbean's Original Orange Blossom Ale. Swoosh is where you drink from!



Stevie J said...

I'm guessing that torpedo & 60 min. are your favorite beers? Best of luck in the contest I really enjoy your reviews.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Stevie. Thanks.

Yeah, I really do enjoy Torpedo and 60 Minute. Those are beers that I enjoy frequently. They also don't come in 12 packs (like other visible favorite Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) which gives them a 6 pack boost.

Torpedo is also a great value compared to many other products and six pack pricing ALWAYS beats pricing on ANY Bomber.

Patrick said...

Two of my favs also!!
Good Luck, Love your Blog

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Tough not to love those two. The real contest start part starts in two weeks so I'm sure you'll hear me begging for votes then.

Thanks for the compliment, too!

JayZeis said...

best of luck, post is awesome. I posted to my facebook page, hopefully, I can get you one more vote.

A Beer in Hand is Worth Two in the Fridge

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Jay. Nice. My very weak spot is Facebook. I only have one for stalking delinquent clients.