Friday, September 16, 2011

Hop Crisis Imperial IPA

Today I'm drinking Hop Crisis Imperial IPA brewed by 21st Amendment Brewery in Cold Spring, Minnesota. I heard they had snow in MN yesterday, which is why I will never live there. This beer was part of my recent trade with @SFGirl Melanie. I've had a few others from this brewery, but not this one. Let's start with the fact that this is Canned. And this can is highly decorated with a cartoon about some "Hop Crisis". Uh oh! Etc. Etc. Etc. It was difficult to read and follow, sorry I'm not much of a comics guy. Finally, "Free the Hops!!" This beer is part of their Insurrection Series and is aged on oak spirals. 94 IBUs.

Big fluffy head. Sweet peach and pineapple aroma with a good whiff of oak and hint of citrus. Very inviting. Sweet tropical flavors too, orange and mango, to get you moving. There are also plenty of bitter hoppy citrus and pine flavors behind that. You can really taste and feel the sweetness and bitterness without really having one cancel the other to neutral. Great!

The 9.7% alcohol is not lost at all, providing a keen little burn. And the oak actually adds a really nice subtle nuance (unlike White Oak Jai Alai). Spiciness is brought out by the alcohol as well. Sticky texture. Great carbonation and body. You will finish with a fruity and lightly dry ending. Nothing not to love about this beer. Grab one when you CAN!

Repeal of Prohibition, 21st Amendment - 24"x36" Poster


Beer Hops 10 Seeds- Humulus lupulus - Exotic!


Dunz said...

Rob - 21st Amendment did a good job of confusing the hell out of both of us. The can lists Cold Springs, MN as the brewery location, but the brewery is actually in San Fran, CA, and their can vendor is located in MN. Strange, eh?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Dunz. You're the second person that said something like that about San Francisco.

So I went out to the curb (just as the recycle man was approaching) and fished this from the bin. This is exactly what the can says...

"Hand-Crafted & Canned by 21st Amendment Brewery, Cold Spring, MN"

Gotta stick with that.

Dunz said...

I noticed that in your photo above, which is why I was so confused. Their website seems to contradict their can. But I think I get it now - their brew-pub is in San Fransisco (where the brewery was founded), but their 'production' beer is brewed and canned in Cold Springs.

Btw I loved this beer too!