Thursday, November 10, 2011

Antares Scotch Ale

Today I'm drinking Antares Scotch Ale brewed by Cerveza Artesanal Antares in Mar del Plata, Argentina. This one came with Ofelia's mom directly from the brewpub in Mendoza and is my last of the gift. Thanks again! There is a little story about the beer on the front and the brewery on the side, though that's about all I could understand since it's all in Spanish. Nice metallic colors make the label jump out. 330mL, 11.2 oz, 6.0% alcohol.

Toffee and brown sugar aroma, sweet with a hint of fruit. Sweet toffee and caramel flavors start the flavors off, but there is a background bitterness that persists in keeping this beer quite balanced. The body is pretty thin, on the low side of medium. As you drink a little, there is a light spicy zip that adds a little interest and tingles the lips. The carbonation accentuated that tingle. You finish dry with a pleasant aftertaste.

Overall, not bad. But it is a fairly boring and one-dimensional beer. And the body is much too thin. I need a chick with some curves and interest and brains... and this was Olive Oyl at best.

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