Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Winter 2011-2012

Today I'm drinking Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Winter 2011-2012, brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery in Utica, New York. This is an annual favorite of mine and based on past experiences, I'm pretty sure I'm going to adore this beer again. The label is simple yet elegant, with gold and white lettering jumping off of a black background.

When you get a moment, check out this article I wrote about being thankful for beer, with this particular beer named as exhibit A. I also contributed to this holiday indulgence list, with BBCS topping my must-have addiction list. Finally, this was the one special beer I took to Disney with me this Thanksgiving. Pure Genius!

Rich milk chocolate aroma with a nice roasted quality. Rich chocolate flavors also come on strong in the beginning, and they are paired with a boozy warmth. Yeah, this beer has 10.0% alcohol. A few more sips and you will not miss plenty of vanilla nibbles along with some more nuanced licorice and spiked cherry flavors.

Creamy and velvety smooth texture, which is quite a highlight. Carbonation is low but perfect. The sweet start is challenged throughout by a roasted bitter balance. And then there is more of that boozy bite and bang. Perfect in every way. And of course you know I need to factor price into this--this is a fabulous deal! A 4-pack at Total Wine is $7.49 which makes it eligible for your $1 off coupon. $1.62 for a magnificent beer is pretty freakin' amazing!

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